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Meaning was any strange behavior that was present. Next would be what goals if any does the client have? Does the client have any expectations out Of the agency? Share with the group any more important information that you feel would impact the client. This could mean providing the team with word for word that something that he or she shared that you feel could be relevant. Last is what recommendations would you feel could help this client. Your impression of who she or he is in general and what path you feel would benefit the client. You should always be prepared before you enter the meeting with your team oh work with.This client’s wellbeing is in your hands and getting all the information to your team in imperative. The best course of treatment for Mr.

. McCann I feel would be to first address would be grief counseling for the loss of his daughter. Grief counseling can be in an individual setting or a group setting. Feel that if Mr.. McCann attended a group grief counseling that would help him see he is not alone.

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Opening up with other parents/caregivers that have also felt the loss of a loved one could be very beneficial to Mr.. McCann. I would then address his health in regards of the severe headaches. I would get in contact with a neurologist for Mr..McCann to get some tests just to be sure there is nothing serious going on due to the car accident. I feel that Mr.

. McCann should also see a counselor because he feels depressed and is having problems getting along with coworkers which makes it difficult to go to work. Making an appointment with a counselor to evaluate him and see if medication could possibly help. I also help seeing the counselor will help if the divorce will be addressed. Ask the team if anyone has any questions that may have not touched on. As a group treatment recommendations are add and we all agree that this is the best course of treatment for Mr.

.McCann. Firmament or service planning, when it is done with a team, is a collaborative activity. While you come with background and some firsthand information about the person being presented and ideas for a plan, everyone contributes to the discussion in order to be sure the best plan is ultimately created. “(Summers, N.

P. 358, 2012). When Mr.. McCann comes in for his appointment I go over with his carefully about what the nest course of treatment would be. We start with the loss of his daughter. Explain that grief unseeing is very effective and a good way to come to terms about what has happened.I explain that he will met many individuals that have felt the loss that he has through the group.

He tells me that it seems like a good idea to try this. I give him the handout on a list of meetings and locations in the area. Next we talk about him seeing a neurologist to take some texts.

Explain that just as a precaution measure we want to make sure that the headaches are not from something from when the car accident. He agrees and said he often wondered that himself. I told him that the neurologists office will call him to aka the appointment.

Next we touched on his depression and explained that if he sees a counselor to be evaluated and see the nest course of treatment would be. He agreed and said this was one of the main reasons he came to seek help for. He wants to be able to enjoy going to work and not feel so hostile towards his coworkers anymore. Mr.. McCann seems to be hopeful and says he will look into attending a grief counseling right away.

In conclusion understanding that the case manager must be well prepared to address the team he or she is working with. Collaborating with the team is ere important in the wellbeing of ones client.When doing this you must be opened to all you are hearing from your team. Ones the team has come to the best course of action for the client would be then the case manager has an appointment with the client to review and share what he or she would recommend. Going over your recommendations should be done carefully because some clients may be reluctant to change or a form of treatment they m=not be looking forward to.

In the case of Mr.. McCann he was very respective to everything that was shared with him and also is looking forward and welcomes the help he will be receiving.

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