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Arzu Altinays: arzualtinay | m: +905333826047 | e:[email protected]/01/2017 Tallinn University of Technology School of Governance and Business Ehitajate tee 5, 19086 Tallinn, EstoniaDear Madam or Sir,Please find my CV enclosed  in application for the International BusinessAdministration Master’s program in your University. I am applying because ofthe quality that is offered and because I was impressed watching the formerstudents’ videos of their school life as a mature post-graduate candidate. I completed my undergraduate degree at the reputableIstanbul Technical University in Turkey which gave me a complete set of skillsthat I use for problem-solving, analysis and diligence.  I want to pursue an MBA degree now that I foundeda trusted travel company in Estonia. This is after several years ofprofessional experience mainly in tourism. I will be moving to Tallinn to runmy business locally soon, and I have an objective as to get the MBA degree tocontribute to my skills as a business owner.

 I consider it to be the best move for mycompany’s growth. As a self-taught entrepreneur, I lack some major administrationskills; especially ones targeted for the EU market, governance and businessethics. I see that the best place to get the expertise on organizationalmanagement, finance, and the international business environment is to study forthe MBA degree at your University. I used Estonia’s e-residency scheme to establishWalks In Europe, OÜ, and I am ambitious to see it creating new opportunitiesfor Estonian tourism in Northern Europe.

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Estonia excels in IT and has a highlyskilled workforce; however, there’s an opportunity in the travel market whereEstonia can get a bigger share. MBA studies at your university will let me intothe business environment of Estonia for tourism. There are many good subjects listed in the curriculum,however, I am very much interested in entrepreneurship, and I would be willingto study e-residency in business as a thesis; now that I have hands-onexperience.  I have already contributedto Enterprise Estonia with the e-residency program as you can see from thelinks below: am a diligent and determined worker, I can focusintensively on one task for extended periods of time.

I owe my achievements inbusiness life so far to discipline, flexibility, efficiency and a drive forsuccess.  However, as a new businessowner I am ready for learning more. I hope that youruniversity will find my application worthy of a positive result. I want to thank you for your time and overseeing myapplication; I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely, Arzu Altinay 


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