Artificial goal or spreading their education. We are

Artificial intelligence is very important in educational sector. It is playing an important role on the students to achieve their educational goal or spreading their education. We are living on the modern earth where science is performing excellent by their wonderful inventions. The modern science and technology has made so many kinds of machines that are supporting to the students to deal with a modern and scientific era.

We can see the change on present era’s students if we think of the previous students. Almost all the time technology brings something that we could welcome to our daily life. According to Cher Ping Lim, and et al, the investment of machinery in schools raised more than a hundredfold in the last twenty years.

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The assumption of this investment is that, the machinery intervene the educational environment which helps the students to analyzing information, solving problems, communicating and helping (Lim 59). Machinery is the fundamental tools for students in educational purpose. Since the use of machinery has become crucial in education, this is why the students of this scientific era are definitely welcoming the new inventions of modern science. Specially the machines and devices they are accepting that they needs regarding their education. So, the value of machines as a medium of education cannot be denied.


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