Article Review on Organizational Change essay

One of the not so obvious risks is managing the decision makers who can sometimes not know when to stop making major changes. The article then explains that one must understand motivational drivers of different types Of professions . Managers tend to be driven by leaving their mark on the company. The issue with that can be that during the first few days of a big change, managers are flooded with emotions and feeling of importance from being able to implement a big change .

Shortly after that, they begin to feel the need to keep that feeling going.So, they have a indecency to want to continue making changes to get that same feeling of being an effective manager. This can cause problems because it can be difficult to know when enough is enough . According to Ready, “Organizations (that is to say, the people in organizations) need stability.

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They need to know where they stand, to know what the company needs them to do, how the company is performing, and to know to some degree what to expect tomorrow and the day after (Ready, 2013) When changes are being implemented, there is instability.The instability period brings about loss of oral, the possibility of losing some of your valuable employees, and lack of focus. The goal is to implement change s quickly and attempt to regain stability as soon as possible. The author’s conclusion is for the top managers to be aware of their motivational drivers and to understand how their actions impact their team.

Managers should make the necessary changes and try to minimize the length of instability in the organization . Managers should make the changes and promptly ramp down the period Of major changes. Major changes should not happen frequently.The major hanged should only happen when it is necessary and should not last very long before going back to a stable work environment. My recommendations are pretty similar to the author’s recommendation. I have been through periods of major changes in my work environment several times.

It has always been met with resistance from some of the employees. Most people feel very comfortable in the same pattern and knowing what to expect. The minute a person adds some change, it disrupts their comfort because now they have to go through a period of not knowing what to expect.Sometimes it is just because employees have gotten used to doing things a certain way and are very good at it.

When you ask them to make certain changes, they have to go through the learning curve and don’t feel as comfortable doing It. A good example is if you try switching the hand tattoo use to brush your teeth. You will not be as quick or as effective as you are when you use the hand that you are used to. It could take you several weeks before you feel comfortable.

The same can be said for a change in work procedures or processes.A nether recommendation that have is to allow the employees to be a part of the process from the beginning. If employees understand why there is a need for change, and to be a part of the planning and implementation, they will have less of a tendency to resist the change. Not only managers have motivational drivers. Everybody has motivational drivers. If you can understand your employees’ motivational drivers, you might be able to get them on board with t he changes. You would be less likely to lose your more valuable employees if they feel like they are part Of the process.This can be done by holding brainstorming sessions, by having a suggestions box, or by even having one on one conversations with your employees.

In my previous organization when we received a new Officer in Charge, (OIC) he quickly made many changes, and many people did not understand why we were making some very drastic changes. Several employees were not happy at all, however; in the end, it worked out just fine, and things were much better for the organizations and many of the employees. References: Ready, K. (2013) A Hidden Risk of Big Organizational Change.Available at: http://www. Forbes. Com/sites/keyboard/201 3/07/24/ a-hidden -risk-of-big- organizational-change/ (Accessed: 22 July 201 5) Written Assignment Rubric and Feedback Co intent Additional Comments: Points Summarize the article Summarize the authors conclusion and/or recommendation Summarize your conclusion and/or recommendation Summarize how the concept in the article applies to your organization The article was summarized to include the author’s recommendations; however the recommendations, which are key elements were not developed.The dent provided their perspective of based on their experience.

The student did not provide the concept (s) from the article to his/her organization. 2/2. 5 Organization / Development The introduction provides a sufficient background on the topic and previews major points Central theme/purpose is immediately clear The tone is appropriate to the content and assignment Sentences are well constructed, clear, logical, and easy to follow maintaining consistent flow of thought. Paragraph transitions are present, logical, and maintain proper flow throughout the paper.Subsequent sections develop/ support the central theme Conclusion/recommendations follow logically from the body Of the paper The paper satisfies the words in length requirements The student provided an introduction that prepared the reader for what the paper would address. The theme of the article was clear but the tone was not appropriate, personal perspectives should be written in third person.

Key elements were not discussed in greater detail. There were minor issues with sentences not conveying a complete thought. There was an issue with paragraphs not being indented.No conclusion was provided. 1. 5/2.

5 Mechanics Format- Citations/reference page follow guidelines Properly cites ideas/info from other sources Paper is laid out effectively–uses, heading and other reader-friendly tools paper is neat/shows attention to detail References- Was there a reference page Were reference(s) done according to PAP format The paper contained a title and reference pages. The font size noted was not in accordance with PAP guidelines. Get into the habit of using title heading to highlight sections that are being addressed.There were issues with incomplete citations. There were issues with spacing. 1. 5/2 Hi Patrick, your effort on this assignment was good.

I enjoyed reading your work. Points were lost for: Not adequately applying the concepts from the article to your work place per PAP, personal perspectives are to be written in third person The year of publication missing to complete citations Spacing of paper and missing indentations of paragraphs The font size is not according to PAP. Please take my suggestion and apply to future assignments. You have earned 5 out of 7 for this assignment.

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