Article that sport tourism has great potential to

Article Review #1 – The Economic Impact of Sport TourismIntroductionIn this article written by Mr. Anand Rampersaud of the Guardian News Paper is an excellent explanation of what sport tourism in Trinidad has the potential to be. His definition taken from (Hall, 1992) clearly states that sport tourism has great potential to contribute to many different factors of infrastructural development in a country. It entails persons traveling around the world to watch and participate in world wide sporting events.

Background This article is a Trinidadian article written by a local journalist in 2015. The journalist Anand Rampersaud (Rampersaud, 2015) presented this article as a means of making the public aware of how beneficial sport tourism can be for a country. He presents the very true ideas of what our tourism sector can be and how it can improve every other sector like a chain reaction.

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This will in turn bring more funds into our economy improving our current and past economic state. But, “overall success of any sporting tourism event is dependent upon management. Poor management due to financial impropriety, poor planning, lack of efficient customer service, and a host of other management’s drawbacks may serve as a major Achilles heel for the success of any sport tourism event” (Rampersaud, 2015). Thus statement could not be more true.

With this being the continuous downfall for t=Trinidad and Tobago it is hard to say if his very realistic ideas can ever become a reality. Content (Rampersaud, 2015) speaks of the many different activities that people may partake in when they arrive in a foreign country for a sporting event. Persons who are visiting a new country will not only go to the particular sporting event but will partake in what the country has to offer. Sport tourism is a great avenue for attracting new guests for all over the world and can generate business in more than one sector of our economy. Stadiums become monuments and sporting museums become a prime sport for fans of sports such as cricket and football. Having the famous Brian Lara as one of our cricketers can definitely be a great attraction to use, maybe displaying the bat that he made his famous 400 runs can be a great start to developing this. The many patrons that these sporting events generate local and foreign bring large profits to the country through many different forms of expenditure.

Even in non-sporting activities the countries are able to benefit largely. The food and beverage industry, hotels, and retail to name a few but these benefits are not only economic according to (Rampersaud, 2015). He claims that the infrastructural development of a country can also benefit from this. In many cases yes this is true but if we compare it to the many structures developed after this article was published, has Trinidad and Tobago really developed from these new infrastructural developments or are we still operating at a complete loss. In this case, I must agree with the latter. Though his article shows much promise for the hopes of Sporting Tourism in Trinidad, his argument can be deemed highly idealistic and not the realities we’ve faced since the two years in which this article was posted.  Conclusion To conclude, (Rampersaud, 2015) presents a great idea for what sporting tourism in a country should be. His arguments suggest that great revenue and development can come from this but the planning and execution must first be thorough, contributing to our overall development and not contributing to our continuous recession.

 References Rampersaud, A. (n.d.

). Lots of Economic Benefits can come form Sport Tourism. Guardian New Paper . Retrieved September 7, 2015. 


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