Art Museum essay

The two major collections in this museum were the Jamie Whet collection and the Andrew Whet: Lines of Thought collection. There was also a heritage collection. The museum itself was in a very beautiful building and the view of the Brands. Wine River made the experience at the museum much better because there were some pieces in the museum that were similar to the landscape of the outside, which is thought was nice because you could look at a painting then look outside and they almost looked alike due to the painting being done so well.

In the heritage collection there were many nettings that showed off the country lands and landscape of the early Americas. There were also paintings of just everyday items in that time. For example there was a painting of a coat rack with some man’s jacket, hat and rifle. It was done so well that one could mistake it for being an actual coat rack. There was also another painting that I took interest in in the heritage collection and it was a painting of a coffee mug and a smoking pipe.I enjoyed this one because it could have been what the painter used when he was thinking of his next project. He could have a nice cup of coffee and smoke his pipe while brainstorming what he wanted to paint next.

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In between these different collections of art there were some sculptures and other paintings that were not know for their famous painter but they were still fine pieces of artwork. For instance there was one sculpture that has two men boxing each other and that caught my eye mainly because I enjoy sports.It was nice that the museum put in that little sporting event just to show its diversity in the world of art. There was also a gallery that was filled with paintings of various animals.

The animals ranged from large pigs to every type of bird and also weep. That particular gallery was not I or my sister’s favorite due to the subjects being painted but the pain;ark that was done drawing these animals was very impressive. There were also two boxes that had little doll like figures, the figures and everything in the boxes were one-tenth the actual human size.Within one of these boxes was a restaurant, which had everything from the forks and knifes to the humans sitting at the table. The other box had a break room for employees of just a random company. These boxes with the doll like figures were the things that I enjoyed the most from he museum.

The amount of detail that had to be done to make the small forks, the clothing for the humans and even the electrical outlets for the lights on the tables just amazed me the most. The Jamie Whet collection was the next collection of paintings that we looked at in the museum.Jamie Whet was the third generation artist in a family who was known for having artists. There is over 100 pieces done by Jamie in this museum.

These pieces contained artwork showing off paintings of others, paintings of the landscape in which Jamie was living at the time and just random object he wanted to aunt. Many of his paintings you could see the brushwork, which can be seen as a characteristic of his style of painting. He would paint on almost anything, from canvases to paper. The oddest thing he did a painting on was just regular old cardboard. Mind it weird that you could just paint on a piece of cardboard and it becomes famous and is put into a museum.

The Andrew Whet collection was smaller than the Jamie Whet collection but Andrew rarely had his paintings and drawings exhibited. There were 23 drawings done by Andrew in the collection in this museum. He mainly used pencils and attractors for his drawings. These drawings were more of just abstract things that to me did not have any meaning to me but if one looks closer into the drawing they might find some type of meaning in them.

However that does not mean think the drawings were bad. They were done very well and some could be seen as also like a picture. The painting that jumped out to me the most was one of a painter dreaming that he met George Washington.

The painting itself is huge it is six feet by six feet and is called In a Dream I Meet George Washington. The painting was done by Newell Converse Whet, sees another Whet. In the painting there are many aspect to it. In the forefront there is the painter standing there with his painting supplies and George Washington on his horse.In the left side of the painting there IS George or some leading officer leading a group of men into what looks like battle.

Throughout the whole painting there are hundreds of soldiers and that just blew me away because there were hundreds and for me I could never have that much patience to paint all of those. That painting would be the one that stuck out to me the most not only because of it size but also cause of the amount of time detail and patience he needed in order to complete the painting.Overall this museum outing showed me there are many different types of artists that paint almost anything and everything. This class has showed me to appreciate the artwork more. By the amount of skill and time these individuals put into these paintings even if there paintings of really nothing the painting is done so well it doesn’t matter that they were painting nothing. In all I thought wouldn’t like having to go to a museum for a class but I enjoyed the whole experience and being able to spend time with my sister.

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