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Most organizations might think that which company they can cooperate with hem, how they can achieve it and when they can achieve their goal as well as how they can solve difficulties. More important is how they would know when they achieve it and when they should alter and how they can do when they face a considerable turning point in the art. These processes are the most important and have a clear purpose by art plan. A plan can remind us why we do it and help most autistics find their original passion, especially, art is usually change as the environment change.Hence, art plan gives autistics a vision and goal, even it is short-term or long-term which is helpful to think and plan the future plan.

In addition, Bartok (2001 ) illustrates that strategy, tactical and cooperation are the most important system in the art. He displays that strategy should be thinking a innovation and creativity to compared with other art organizations, moreover, the strategy is not only produce the relationship of competition with others, but also might develop the relationship of cooperation with them.Although competition will bring some negative influences, on the other hand, it might become a motivation to art organizations to polish their vision and perspectives. Next, tactical goal is for some certain departments within organizations. Further, it should be usually meeting with different departments. For instance, marketing or sale departments might achieve a goal to increase or profit or index in their goal or sale target In next month or within 12 months.

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Nevertheless, co- operation might through different competitors or partners to achieve.This relationship not only advances the reputation of organization, but also inspires morale beјen organizations. In the goal, organizations may come up with some ways to solve conflicts, however, they should take advantage these conflicts to communicate and coordinate, and it might become a infinite to them.

Finally, vision is a key element in the art. To art organization, they will consider their box office is good or bad on the volume of sale, even it is music performance or dancing and gallery as well. They should exploit the box office to enhance their reputation or increase their income.Thus, drawing a art plan before, it is necessary to make up a vision on art plan and it should be a first Step to do. References: Bartok, KM, Martin, DC, Teen, M & Matthews, G 2001 Management: A pacific Rim Focus, McGraw-Hill, NEWS. Byrne, W 2009, Management and the Arts, 4th Eden, Focal Press, Boston.

Topic 3, Question 2 What experiences have you had in working with a range of stakeholders? Describe how different stakeholders may want different outcomes from organizations and how these may not always be aligned to the core goals.How does this impact on art organizations? Stakeholders can be categorized into three types: 1 . Individuals or organizations which receive funding or have the relationship of partner. 2.

Opinion formers 3. The public 4. Volunteers have had volunteers experience when I was university student. Because my university often had dancing performances once a month, further over twice month. Thus, university needs to more volunteers for help and assist. However, when it comes to different stakeholders who may want different results for them.

There are totally difference on internal stakeholders and external stakeholders between business and art organizations. For instance, business internal stakeholders have included, employees, manager and owners. Further, external stakeholders are included customers, creditors, society and suppliers. On the other hand, art organizations are included individuals and groups, such as autistics, art director or board. Then there are internal stakeholders, audiences, sponsors, art companies and general public.

Hence, from different stakeholders as we can seen different outcomes between business and art organizations.In the Business stakeholders focus on within an organization who benefit financially from their contributors. Moreover, who can increase their profit and funding is a core goal on Business. To business, increasing commercial interest is expected by them.

Nevertheless, to art organizations, they consider a long-term relationship of cooperation between autistics and art alliances. This new stakeholder engagement means that they are not only focus on mutual benefit, but also they consider their strategic process.The range of stakeholders would help them with pubic and strengthen the relationship with other stakeholders, further, to motivate a number of autistics and art organizations to collaborate and engage with wider community. However, the new stakeholder engagement might bring some impacts to art organizations.

Because art organizations are not mainly focus mutual benefit firstly, but most people care the three basic principles in the modern society. L. The organization should focus on increasing profit and raising benefit. II. The organization should decrease cost and improve productivity. Ill.

The organization should keep asset value as higher as possible. Due to the three principles it may be the point of threat to art organizations. For example, the public who may not active to attend art activity, because they interest as who can benefit them and provide more profits to them. Therefore, art organization should encourage the public to engage the art community.

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Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal. 12 (1): up. 1-20. Word count: 51 1.Topic 6, question 2 Question: Give examples of good fundraising activities undertaken by your organization or an organization well known to you. Why was the activity successful? What elements can you identify that contributed to this success? How does this relate to what you have read and studied here? I familiar with Taiwan University of Technology dance company (TUTUS), which is a well- known dance company in Taiwan.

And their every dance performance tends to obtain the highest praise by audience. Business industry and local state government and authority are becoming the most important funding resource to TILTED.For example, they have a dancing performance by graduation students, it is a significant performance to those graduation students, because they have to complete each important link and plan every planning book to different stakeholders to get some sponsors to support them.

It therefore involve that their graduation problem. Thus, they find out some small private enterprises and local authority for help and give assistance. They plan a planning book to express the goal of dancing performance and the content and their vision as well.They are possible to state the performance of importance and get some funding resource by hose businesses. Furthermore, they are doing some small dancing performance to those businesses when they have activities or celebration need to dance to motivate some happy and joyful atmosphere. TO be more, they are a crucial reason why non-profit will support them, because companies could through sponsorships to propagate their images of companies and it can be extending the cultural opportunity to regional centers and encourage the development of art program in local.Due to these reasons, they obtain some funding and find the majority of private enterprise to support them.

Moreover, they develop the relationship of cooperation to Lana a professional educational plan, including individuals or team work, and then they also provide the chance of dance work and performance to local residence to employ and watch. In addition, Lacier and Gordon (2000), they illustrate that a key manger of personal interest plays an important decision to those non-profit enterprises. Because the manger makes a decision which will affect the whole benefit to companies.Thus, the experience of manager and understanding will affect the viewpoint of non-profit companies. These reasons will propose as interacting to run the best outcome between each there. According to Eisenhower and Miles and Huffman (2009), the report displays that the three decisions will be identified: Senior-mangers A way by lower-level mangers A third party joined with senior and lower-level mangers The first feature is clearly evident of the case. It can be indicated that a senior- manger of vision and goal and observe he/she whether emphasize their role in contributing to the art community more.

However, the second characteristic shows that lower-level managers who can play a role to develop their professional knowledge, intuitive and make a good relationship between CEO and arts representative of non-profit company. Finally, the third point demonstrates that the third party pitched the idea to the person who has a relation within the case. And this ides it can be accepted by mangers. For example, the third party attend the plan with the company of manger and sponsors, however, this relationship is related to they can create a fit of broader organizational goals by them.Deadline, K. (2012). “Understanding the decision-making processes for arts sponsorship”. International journal of nonprofit and voluntary sector marketing, no.

1 7, p. P 363-374. Gordon Darling Foundation. N. What does the Gordon Darling Foundation support. Retrieved 02/1 1/14, from: http:// www. gordondarlingfoundation. Org.

AU/guidelines. PH Word count: 593 Topic 7, Question 2 Q: Look at the reading by Simmered “Crafting a Business Plan”. This is an important reading for your final assessment and in particular the marketing section should be considered.

Also note the 5 Co’s of credit that banks, investors, etc look for. Consider an organization you know – does it have a detailed business plan? If you have access to such documents look at its business plan, strategic plan, financial plan and marketing plan. Do they all align and serve each other well? Specifically look at the financial plan and comment on the state of the organization’s finances – make recommendations.

The ten drum art percussion group in Taiwan has a complete and official business plan. They will organize their business plan of annual report and publish every year.As can be observed at their business plan, strategic plan, financial plan and marketing plan, they do not plan and align very well. They are mainly focusing on outstanding reputation and ranking as their goal and objective. Based on their financial plan, it reflects hat the majority of income is from different sides including box tickets, sponsorship, the funding of state government and grants, these financial resources are reached to 250 million each year, but from their form of expenditure which is reached to 350 million annually.It is clearly indicating that their income and expenditure are not balance and they are not enable to stabilize their operation of company. Furthermore, they just can rely the income of box office and funding from the state government to maintain the operation Of company. In addition, they exist a risk point that they totally Moore the relationship of businesses and local charities and communities, due to these reasons, resulting in their sources of income are declined.

Besides, their marketing plan does not refer a very detailed budget and SOOT analysis.They have a stronger ability to develop their skills and performance, but they still have a weak on their marketing plan and less the ability of financial management and leads to budgeted income and expenditure statement are not satisfactory predictably. On the other hand, following on their strategic plan, they serve a good performance.

They provide many advantages and strong points to develop. For example, from their mission statements, they refer that using environmental advantage to develop and establish the foundation of stable. Thus, their strategic still play a key link on the business plan.According to the five Co’s of credit as outlined in the Simmered (2002), the ten drum art percussion group has many weaknesses on their financial plan. They do not have obviously incomes and assets and investments resulting in their financial sources have a big problem. Moreover, they could not offer some preferable conditions for businesses and local communities to obtain funding and no ability to weather market storms. For this reason, it can be seen that they might find the competitiveness to maintain and exist hardly, further, it also will decrease their competition in Taiwan and it perhaps would be eliminated across Asia.I would like to say that planning a detailed and complete financial plan might be a good suggestion to them.

Setting up a stable financial plan in order to increase income and decrease expenditure may be a good beginning. This might help them to understand their plan of organization and establish a clearly goal and vision. Ten Whish (2014). Ten drum. Retrieved 30/11/2014, from: http://www. Ten- whish.

Com. W/ Simmered, T & Scarborough, N. (2002). Crafting a winning business plan in essentials of entrepreneurship and small business management, 3rd Eden, Prentice hall, New Jersey p. P.

336-360. Word count: 602.Topic 9, Question 1 Question 1: using your own experiences in arts organizations or events, think about what sort of control measures have been put in place. These could be either administrative/managerial or artistic/production oriented in nature.

What did they set out to achieve, how effective where they and what was the impact on the people involved? In the majority of arts organizations, they are crossing a major role to plan, organize, lead and control. All aspect of management is linked to controlling and it can build a directly goal on the planning function and supervise performance in the organization.Further, to make a adjustment, controlling system also can assist leader (General manager or Arts director) and organizations to achieve and guide the objectives effectively. I provide “Cloud Gate Dance Theatre” as an example, it is a modern dance group based in Taiwan and it is also the first professional modern dance group in Taiwan. In their control of measures, a major artistic point out that evaluation, management and planning are the basic step of the one process. Hence, controlling management is a key tool to organization whether in the external or internal management.

It should be ensured that both of them have been done and how it has been done, because it is an effective monitoring system and evaluate the project. However, to their administrative side, they adapt plan and control as their main system. Usually, organizational goals often set during the planning process, thus, they observed the internal environment can be affected the appropriateness of organizational goals and the organizational staffs of acceptance, it is therefore may need to be revisited on the planning.As for controlling, they are controlling the budget to monitor the finance. Because most organizations or arts organizations will suffer or face a bottleneck on their financial budget in their operations, thus, for this reason, they should adapt controlling system to their administration to control their budget and It is also an effective way to monitor finance at all time.

In addition, to management ‘Cloud Gate Dance Theatre” gives a good instance, it controls the management process and it is called the operation of control.

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