Armenian woman unable to work outside of

Armenian traditions and culture made an Armenian woman unable to work outside of their homes for several decades. As women were supposed to marry at very young ages there was no need for personal and professional development except being excellent households. In the first stage (0-19 years) of their lives, they were dependent financially on their families, especially fathers, after that they were depended on their husbands. As lives of many of Armenian girls were already decided there was no room for education and career.

There were several motives of pushing women to education and workforce. At the first glance we may think that women in poverty or girls who were married by force were the main force of increasing the need of feminism. However, feminists were from the elite class of the society.

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So, why were feminists from the highest social class? There are several reasons for that, but in this paper I will consider just two of them: high quality education, A good education has always been an expansive experience. What about last centuries? Graduates from all institutions that provided higher education were from wealthy families. And only the most wealthy families will spend money for their daughter’s education. From that institutions girls got only knowledge but a dream of getting more than just having husbands and children.

They wanted to use their talents and knowledge to change something in this world. There are lots of examples of wealthy feminists from the history both worldwide and in Armenia. One of the most famous Armenian feminists was Serbouhi Dussab. She was a good example of well-educated, self-confident Armenian women. She was a well-known in her time.

In the traditional Armenian society it was not always easy to When women ?cquired gre?ter cl?ss st?tus and power without conducting themselves differently from m?les feminist politics were undermined. Lots of women felt betr?yed. Middle- ?nd lower-middle cl?ss women who were suddenly compelled by the ethos of feminism to enter the workforce did not feel liberated once they f?ced the hard truth that working outside the home did not mean work in the home would be equally sh?red with m?le partners


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