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Armed robberyis a standout amongst the most well known violations in contemporary Ghanaian culture.

It needs to do with the unlawful usage of any type of arms to mightily deny honest individuals of their true blue belonging; it is along these lines a wrongdoing against the Ghanaian criminal laws. Robbery  has kept on pervading the residents in Tema in spite of each purposeful exertion made by both the general population furthermore, the state to battle it. Accordingly, this social milieu postures genuine security and advancement difficulties to the state and the general public on the loose. This essay used optional information to clarify the sorts, causes and results of armed robbery to both the casualties and the society all in all. The principle target of the paper is to recognize the reasons for relentless event of outfitted theft in Tema with the perspective of recommending viable methods for stemming its negative effect on the general public. The paper prescribed that there is the need to make some earnest strides towards the counteractive action also, control of relentless events of equipped theft in the Tema.

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Such advances incorporate arrangement of sufficient social infrastructures, equitable dissemination of assets among the subjects, supporting great administration, making of more occupations and destitution annihilation among others, possessions by an outfitted individual or gathering of people without plan of action to the law. This demonstration in itself is an encroachment on the key human privileges of the casualty and the Ghanaian criminal law which pulls in genuine approvals. It is one of the rising highlights of wrongdoing in the nation today. The never-ending event of it despites official prohibition is mindboggling.

This calls for genuine worry of the experts and other partners in peace and security administration. Casualties of outfitted theft generally endure certain enormous negative social and monetary outcomes Arinze (2011)


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