Arkael warm smile canceled out the darkness that

Arkael Kernizan 1/26/18 Period 5First Entry: November 30, 1665The world had never seen anything like it. I had never seen anything like it. So many people, so many innocent people. Hurt. Dead. Dying. No one could’ve prepared for this.

Almost everyone is infected and I feared for my own health. I prayed to God that Mr. Hayes and his family were spared by this sickness. It started two weeks ago but everyone thought it was just a large cold. Us londoners thought as a week goes by, the population would be healthier. The sickness grew and became worse. My people became infected, people’s faces started changing.

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Their skin started changing. And then the first man died, next was his wife and his two daughters. His son was left alone, he did not mourn more than three days. Then others were mourning for him. I did not know the family, but people spoke good on their name. The first funeral for their family happened and then more people started dying.

More people became infected and those infected became worse. The doctors of our town could not cure anyone. Even they were infected. I locked myself in my loneliness, I told my staff to go home, and do not return unless I came to them. I then ran to the Hayes house. Little Katherine opened the door, rosey cheeks and a bright smile. Her warm smile canceled out the darkness that the sky was raining down on the town.

“Why do you have dark hair and a beard and my daddy doesn’t?” Every time I heard that question I never knew how to answer it so I just laughed and said “Its because I like to read and write and those who do get the more exotic traits.” Katherine laughed every time. I stepped in their home and the icy chill of outside dissipated as the door closed.

Noah Hayes, came down stairs. I heard him coming down the stairs with a cough. Thankfully he had a pipe in his mouth.

His wife, Amelia, followed with Daniel, the youngest Hayes. “What brings you from your home at this part of the day”. “I thought you would’ve never come out of your home”. I remember chuckling when Noah said this, he always made me laugh. “I’m here to make sure you are happy and healthy”. I then let myself out of his home. It felt rude rushing my way out but I needed to make sure my conscious was clear. That day was no day for a long talk.

I left and the wind took over my body. I felt frozen and felt like I was being taken over. I snapped out of this “trance” and returned to my quarters. Next morning I woke up, I saw the bodies. Ten people had died overnight. Their bodies were like the first family that died.

Their bodies were almost pure white and their bodies had sores on their bodies. A few more funerales happened, then funerals were no more. The church had dug a pit for the bodies.

More bodies were passing as time went on, the pit grew larger. Day by day the pit’s depth new no stop`until it was so large people thought the entire town could have fit in the pit let alone a few corpses. We were mistaken.Second Entry:December 13, 1665The population is decreasing heavily. Day by day more bodies are being thrown into the pit. I look out of my window and am at a loss for words. There are coaches that go around once maybe on bad days twice to collect the dead from people.

Sometimes the coach riders have to go in a room and pull out a family of four, five, and sometimes six. These men are the only people who roam the streets, or at least these are the only men who roam the streets with their wits about them. The other men and women and children who roam the streets are infected. Most of them are filled with the sickness and some of them do not know how to compensate with the loss of their loved ones. I try to check on the Hayes but they realize what has been going on and rarely open up. When I saw Katherine’s body being handed to a coachmen, I knew that Noah was gone. From that day on he became a shell of a man. His pride and joy was stolen by this infection.

His wife went mad and he tends to her needs. Daniel has no clue what is going on and Noah is trying to keep it that way. He told Daniel that Katherine was sent to the Peter Isaac Thomas School. He says it’s where good girls go to have a better life.

He looks up every time he says the name of the “school”. I stay home and watch my city collapse around me. I think of the last day that the sun’s rays broke through my windows and illuminated my home with warmth and love.

That day was long ago. Now, all that is around is death. The skies are constantly dark and the only things that come down from the sky are rain, snow, despair, and the death of more. Third Entry:December 18, 1665″Tens of thousands of bodies! They throw them in by the pile! You next! Kill yourself now, save your soul!  Don’t let the devil consume you!” These homeless men are scaring me. They constantly scream the same thing over and over again.

“It’s the Devil”, “Heaven has been poisoned” “Take your life”. I try to avoid their gibberish when I hear it but some of it stays in my head. One insane man was screaming in the middle of the street speaking of how the bodies are put in the big pit in the back of the church. I know what he says might be crazy but I want to see of he speaks truth. I know it is dangerous to go outside, but I want take the risk. I’ll go to Noah and see what he says but that is a risk as well.

Travelling through the streets is hectic. I am running at points to get away from the insane and take breaks to catch my breath. After 5 minutes I make it to the Hayes home. “What brings you here.””I was wondering if I should go to church tonight.

What do you think?” Noah stares at me with a look that I have never seen before. “Hmm… it is risky. Why are you going and why at night?””I’m doing research for a paper I was going to write about the local church.” I sayNoah being himself asks “Want me to come with you, we can fight of infected together.” I laugh, “I think I’ll be ok Noah.” “How is Daniel and Amelia?”Noah hesitates “They.

..are… good. Daniel still believes that Katherine is at Peter Isaac Thomas School. You know, living a better life.””I’m sorry for your loss Noah””It’s fine, I just pray my little angel is in heaven and God is protecting her”I leave Noah’s company and head to the church.

I get there early so that no one sees me and I wait till day turns to night. As the moon’s light hits the ground, I see the rumors are true. Bodies, being carted by the mountain load in coaches. All of the bodies are getting rolled to the edge of the pit by multiple coachmen.

All at once I see thousands of bodies were in freefall until they hit the other bodies that had been previously dropped. I realize that I am not the only unwanted visitor. Men and women are lined up on the outskirts of the pit. Most of them do the sign of the cross, then I can’t believe what I see. Those men and women throw themselves into the pit with the other corpses. Some of these men and women are clearly infected, others are not. After these men and women throw themselves in the pit, more corpses are thrown in the pit by coachmen. I go home, in despair at what I’ve witnessed.

My stomach feels sick, my throat is scratchy, I feel lightheaded. Fourth Entry: December 25, 1665The plague has slowed down. Less people are being thrown into the burial pit daily. Some of people who are infected are getting healthier. For some reason I feel sickly but with everything I have seen I would not doubt if others felt sickly as well. As time passes I see more people out in the streets. Men and women are taking their children outside again.

I want to go visit Noah and his family, but I think I will just rest at home. I see the coachmen come out to collect the corpses still, but their coaches are emptier. This is a good sign. Less people are dying. This plague has passed over us.

I feel like in a week or so the last bodies will be thrown in the pit and us Londoners can move on with our lives. Life will be good again.Fifth Entry:January 1, 1666For anyone who reads Thomas’s journal on what has happened, I am Noah. I am writing in his place to finish his last entry, his last work. Thomas went to the church one night and was not the same after. He did not realize it, but he became pale, and he started coughing. He thought he was just making it up in his head. I should have told him to avoid the church.

Thomas might have still gone, his curiosity drive him rampant sometimes. I saw him through a window in his home one day, he stumbled. I ignored it and thought he just slipped on something. A week later I went back to go to his home, I knocked and there  was no answer. I went home that day and came back the next following the same routine. He once again did not open the door. I knocked the door down and saw him. He was sitting in his usual spot where he would normally write.

I saw him and saw that something was wrong with him. The life in his body had been drained. Then I saw the sores on his face and hands. I called a coachmen to take his body and I followed the coach to the pit. The smell was putrid but coachman was unfazed by it. I watched the last person get thrown into the pit. I did not know how to react.

All I remember was in that moment I told myself,”I pray that my little angel has a friend with her.”


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