Ares Fear by Aphrodite, Anteros, The God of

Ares was the Ancient Greek God of War. He is also known by his Roman name Mars. He was the God of violence, murder, and terror. His responsibilities included: waging war, inciting conflict, and involvement in all war-like activities.

Some important powers Ares had were waging war, some sources also say that he could shoot fireballs. Ares had common godly powers like flight, teleportation and super strength. Ares can usually be found on Mount Olympus in his temple on his throne made from human skin. Zeus, the King of the Gods and Hera, the Goddess of Women and Motherhood were Ares’s parents. His Brothers included: Hephaestus, The God of Fire and blacksmiths. Some of his half-brothers included: Apollo, The God of music, Prophecy and Healing, Hermes, The Messenger of the Gods, and Kairos, The God of Opportunity. His sisters included: Hebe, The Goddess of Youth, Eileithyia, the Goddess of Childbirth, and Eris the Goddess of Strife and Discord( Eris helped Ares to start war by creating rumors and jealousies).  Some of his half-sisters included Athena, The goddess of Wisdom and War Strategy, Alatheia, The Goddess of Truth, Eirene, The Goddess of Peace, and Ersa, The Goddess of Dew.

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Ares wasn’t married but had lots of lovers including Aphrodite, The Goddess of Beauty and Love, Harmonia, The Goddess of Harmony and a Mortal women named Otrere. His Divine children included: Eros, The God of Love and Desire by Aphrodite, Phobos, The God of Pain by Aphrodite, Harmonia, The Goddess of Harmony by Aphrodite, Deimos, The God of Fear by Aphrodite, Anteros, The God of Reciprocated Love by Aphrodite, Enyalios, a War-God Son of Ares by Eris, and Nike the Goddess of Victory by Aphrodite (some sources she was the daughter of Pallas and Styx). Some of his mortal children included: The Amazons, Warrior Women by Harmonia, Aeropos, a lord of Tegea, Arkadia by Aeropa, and Remus a king of Latium son of Ares and Ilia (was the founder of the city of Rome). Ares also had one monstrous offspring called Drakon Ismenian, he was a monstrous dragon-serpent who guarded the Ismenian Spring of Thebes. He was the son of Ares and Erinys Telphousia(a Furie). Ares also had 2 uncles and 2 aunts, Demeter, The Goddess of Agriculture and Fertility, Hestia, The Goddess of Hearth and Home, Hades, The God of the Underworld, and Poseidon, The God of the Sea, Horses, and Earthquakes. Some sources also say that Chiron was his half uncle because he was the son of the Titan Cronus and the Oceanid Philyra. Chiron was a centaur he was called the “wisest and justest of all the centaurs” (he was later accidently killed by Hercules with his arrows dipped in Hydra venom).

The birth story of Ares is an interesting story. Some sources say he was the son of Hera and Zeus but others say that he was conceived by Hera alone who touched a magical herb. Ares was hated by his parents during his childhood. In fact all of the Olympians hated him only Hades, Aphrodite, and his sister Eris spoke to him. Sadly there almost nothing known about Ares’s childhood because he is rarely depicted in myths.   Ares is sometimes depicted as either a mature bearded male armed for battle or a young, handsome and nude male with a battle helmet and a spear. There were many symbols that represented Ares.

His weapons were a spear and sometimes a sword. The animals that represented him included a dog, a vulture, and a boar. The objects that represent Ares were a flaming torch, a battle helmet, and a chariot.Ares wasn’t properly worshipped in Greece, there were only some cults associated with him scattered around Greece. Due to his violent temper and a lust for murder he reperesented the brutal aspect of war. He would kill just for the sake of it, he was even helped by his sister Eris, Goddess of Discord to star war. But for a brief time Sparta worshiped him, they would even give human sacrifices from the prisoners of war to him. Sparta worshipped Ares because the Spartans profited from farming and  war.

In Athens there was also a temple dedicated to Ares where he was tried for the murder of Halirrhothius who seduced Ares’s daughter. There are many interesting facts about Ares. The first fact is that Ares was a coward, for example when he was injured by Athena he flew back to Mount Olympus and started complaining to Zeus about Athena’s violence. The second fact is that Ares usually suffers some form of humiliation in myths. The third fact was that most of Ares’s mortal offspring are royalty.

The fourth fact about Ares is that he sided with the Trojans during the Trojan War.       


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