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Are we too dependent on Technology?
I am interested in the use of people becoming too dependent on technology. How often do we need our phones? Is there a way to fix it? I believe we can outcome it. People have become very dependent over there phones. Let’s start with how our day may start, we wake up to our phones being vibrated or ringing for a set alarm clock we like to do at night as a friendly reminder to wake us up in the morning. Why are we all in tuned with our phones these days? Although people are not being involved with their livelihood as we lack interaction with our surroundings, we don’t live in the moment, as consumers we purchase so much easier online, and also technology can be a distraction.
Firstly, people in today’s world will feel lost if they don’t see their phones. The issue is because dependence on technology is isolating us from the rest of the world. I believe using our technology is having us think less. “A future of opportunities and risks will arise as people can remotely control, locate, and monitor everyday things – “The Internet of Things”, (“Getting Urgent About the Future”).” For example, I’m sure there are many of us who possibly stop eating mid- bite to respond to a text message or look at a Facebook notification. We miss special moments in our lives because we all are too busy concentrating on our mobile devices. Even if we all have a festival, a sport event or trying to watch your child perform in academics we are more than likely able to have missed a key moment because of preoccupation being on our phones or managing to desperately capture the moment that’s in front of us.
Secondly, we also run our lives relying on technology, on our personal critical thinking and as technology advances our dependency will continue more and more. We use our devices for all possible purposes, phone calls, ordering food or ordering our grocery lists to pick up along the curb-side. “The most important factors that shoppers say swayed their decision to make their purchase online rather than in-store are: saving money (the clear leader at 55 percent), easier shopping (28 percent), a better selection of goods (26 percent) and faster shopping (25 percent).” Using technology to do online shopping, social media websites and we are being completely lazy relying on our devices instead of going to different stores rather to find a certain dress for a special occasion, or even the right shoes to with a perfect outfit. During the past before technology was made we would have to travel to several stores just to get our personal necessities. Now we can just sit at home on our computers or tablets and even our cell phones to look for ideal items to be shipped to our homes.
Lastly, across the world we all use our cell phone devices for numerous reasons but it becomes fatal if we aren’t paying attention to our surroundings. Our problem is numerous people tend to do it at bad times, risking their selves and others. “Mobile devices for instance, are considered distracting because of problems with ringing during class, cheating, or multitasking, and the camera that comes with many phones can raise privacy issues as well. Similar complaints might also be made about laptops in the classroom. Laptops occasionally make sounds if students have forgotten to turn off the volume, and the laptop screens can become walls between students and professors.” In conclusion, my opinion is that we rely on our mobile device way too much, I cannot be without my own phone for more than 20 mins without looking to see where it is, my question is to you is how long can last without your phones?


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