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Are Fathers Important?
Having a father in the house is very important for the wife and the children. A father is needed for so many reasons. He is their provider, protector and teacher.
A father is the provider in the household. A father should be able to provide for his love ones in his house. He should be the head of the house. Fathers should be the one with the last and finally say so. Fathers should not only have to provide the money, it should also be advice, food, clothes, etc. fathers nor mothers should not have to do these things allow.
A father is the protector in so many ways. Some fathers love and care for their child or children just as much as the mothers does. Fathers will do anything just to protect their children especially their little princess. When it comes down to their girls a father can and will be over protective because father do not want them to get hurt.
A father is a teacher for his son and daughter in different ways, a father can teach his son how to treat his girlfriend/wife by the way the father treats the son mother. The father will show the son how to mow the lawn, and to repair things around the house when they need to be fix or just replaced. A father can show and tell his daughter the things to look for in a good and stable man that has he priorities in order. A father can teach his daughter how to stand her ground and not just let anybody or anything into her life.


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