Are mermaids real?       All around the world there have been mermaid sightings dead or alive, but most commonly in Israel. After one sighting everyone in Israel was obsessed with them, tourist and all. Some people believe that tons of years ago people saw a manatee thinking it was a mermaid. But mabee the myth started with the greek god  Atargatis when she dove into a lake trying to turn into a fish but only her bottom half turned into one. But even though there is tons and tons of evidence some people still don’t believe in mermaids. But some people such as the people in Israel are so confident that they do.Where was one of the sitting?        One of the sittings was in Kiryat Yam, Israel in 2009. For tonse of months after the sitting, everyone in Israel claimed to see mermaids. They would come and then just disappear back into the ocean.What was the sitting like?        People thought that the mermaid was just a sunbathing tourist. But then they noticed that she had a top half of a human and the bottom half of a fish. The mermaid saw them then dove back into the water without coming back up out of the water to take a breath.  The mermaid was only come out at sunset.Do they look like what we imagine them to look like?        The mermaid’s hair looked like seaweed and was green. Many people that saw a mermaid described her to look be top half human and bottom half fish. “Their hands and possibly arms would be webbed and resemble fins somewhat.” said Daniel Hughes. Are they many different colors or are they just tan?        Wall researching for mermaid facts I have seen that the pictures of the mermaid sightings the mermaids are just a simple tan color. Unlike in movies where their skin is tan but their tails are are all colorful and sarcilly.Can mermaids breathe underwater?      In current sightings people have seen a mermaid and once the mermaid sees them they jump into the water without coming up to take a breath of air.  ConclusionMost of this evidence is from sightings from the past, so there is no way of knowing if they were real or not. But there has been no evidence seen and clarified by a scientist. I believe the mermaid myth is where it all started. But I am unsure if they are real or not. There is tons of evidence but no one has actually had a conversation with a mermaid. So my opinion is complicated.


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