Ara under The Companies Commission of Malaysia, which

Ara Muay Thai Gym is a licensed business under The Companies Commission of Malaysia, which focuses on martial arts and Muay Thai practice. As pioneer of martial art gym in Ara Damansara, Ara Muay Thai Gym has gradually made its impressive steps in providing the community with the access to the proven mental and physical health benefits of Muay Thai practice with their gym services. They also organize events and activities related to sports, such as sport seminars, competitions, and showcases as well as assisting video choreographer for local movies and dramas. Ara Muay Thai Gym was founded by young entrepreneur name Mohd Ikmalul Imtihan Bin Zainal Abidin Sakom and the specialized gym business has been operating since early March of 2016.

On 21st of January 2018, Ara Muay Thai Gym has officially endorsed by the Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sport and become an incorporated association upon its registration as a sport club in Malaysia. Ara Muay Thai gym business operation is located at Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya. The location has been regarded as a strategic location because it is an affluent residential township in Selangor which is near to their target market, the location can easily be accessed and located in a developing area, where initially there were no competitors within the area for the past few years. Among 140 Muay Thai Clubs registered in Malaysia, there are twenty two (22) Muay Thai clubs located at Selangor and nine (9) Muay Thai clubs located at Kuala Lumpur.

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Ara Muay Thai rent the whole 2nd floor in the building and have re-designed the floor to have an open and large space for its members to work out and practice Muay Thai comfortably.Ara Muay Thai gym has remain strong in the minds of its walk-in customers and members as it is the only one gym that provides open training space, high ceilings and plenty of natural light. However, 2018 was considered as a critical year for Ara Muay Thai gym by the founder itself as he stated that the profit growth for the first quarter of the year was recorded as negative. Ara Muay Thai Gym incomes and profits have been gradually reduced which lead to insufficient amount of income and profit to cover all of its on-going operation and maintenance costs.

2. Company AnalysisAn interview session with Mr Ikmalul Imtihan was conducted on 28th September 2018 in order to acquire the insights needed for this marketing plan.Ara Muay Gym is assessed using the SWOT analysis to determine the internal and external factors affecting the company market opportunities. The internal factors include Ara Muay Gym’s strengths and the weaknesses, while the external factors include the opportunities and threats.


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