Applied observers, and must always be wary

Applied anthropology is defined as the practical application of anthropological process and presumption to the desires of humanity to identify, assess, and solve social problems.Problem and criticism- The moral requirements of applied anthropology are particularly not easy since the practitioner must bargain and strike a balance of various interest groups.

There always complex balance between the interests of the clients who commission the work, and those of the community being studied. The authors continue by stating that this negotiation leads to issues of privacy, ownership, and the implication implications and purposes of the study being produced.Application of shared knowledge and research- applied anthropologist span academic disciplines across the world by enacting research into direct action. Applied anthropologists often work for none intellectual clients, such as governments, development agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), tribal and ethnic associations, advocacy groups, social-service and learning centers, and businesses.

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It is also not uncommon for an anthropologist to initiate activist work surrounding his or her own area of study; normally, socio-cultural anthropological studies begin as simple research inquiries that flourish into community promotion projects, and even new focused NGOs. Applied anthropologist tactic includes, but is not limited to, ethnography, participant observation, snowballing, interviews, and focus groups. They also use textual analysis, surveying, archival research, and other empirical methods to inform policy or to market productsApplied anthropologist recognizes objectivity in debate Some hermeneutic scholars argue that it is impractical to take out one’s own rigid cultural ideas from one’s work.

In this line of thought, it is more productive to recognize that anthropologists are themselves culturally programmed observers, and must always be wary of biases that influence information they receive.Applied anthropologists engage in professional work for none academic clients, such as governments, development agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), ethnic groups, advocacy groups, social-service and educational agencies, and businessesScholarly works and organizations- this recognizes excellence in using anthropology for the relief of poverty or distress, or for the active recognition of human dignity


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