Applications is the electric motors. Electric motors

Applications in Electromagnetism
Assignment 1 ECE170
Done by Hibatallah Alwazani
6th Feb 2018
The discovery of electromagnetism has been perhaps the greatest of all, as it permeated in every aspect of modern life such as engineering, medicine, sciences, space, construction and countless other field. Electromagnetism is defined as the science of charges and the forces and fields associated with them. Historically, electricity and magnetism were considered separate entities, in the scientific view completely changed after Maxwell combined the works of four famous scientists and published A treatise on Electricity and Magnetism in 1873. Electromagnetic force remains one of the four fundamental forces in the universe, other forces are derived from these forces. There are many applications that uses electromagnetism, this paper delves into the workings of only very interesting three applications, which are motors, MRI machines, and cyclotron.

Undeniably one of the most important applications of Electromagnetism principle is the electric motors. Electric motors turn electrical energy into physical movement (spinning), using the forces produced by the magnetic fields to produce a turning motion. Small motors use permanent magnet as the sources of the magnetic field, however large industrial motors use field coils which then become the source of the magnetic field. These motors have many applications such as fans, kitchen appliances, cars, etc.

MRI Machines
MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and provides a yet unparalleled view inside the human body. This imaging technique succeeds because tissues in the body react differently in strong magnetic fields since the water content of the tissues varies.

1885950508000 It works by placing the patient in a strong magnetic field and then a short pulse of radio waves is sent through the body, this affects the hydrogen in the water inside the tissues, that change of energy is detected and the image is produced.

The figure on the right shows images created by the MRI machines, the advantage over CT scans is that MRI does not use X-rays for the imaging process, rather only a strong magnetic field.

The name itself is an indicator that the cyclotron is related to charges. Mainly it is a device used to accelerate a charged particle beam. It does this using a high frequency AC voltage. The principle is that a charged particle moving orthogonal to a magnetic field experience a Lorentz force due to which the particle moves in a circular path. Cyclotrons can be used in particle therapy to treat cancer. The best treatment for some cancers is by using beams of ions, which is the electrically charged atoms.

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