Application Southern Maryland Hospital, one of the principles

Application of Servant Leadership Principles NameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Application of Servant Leadership Principles Servant leaders follow the concept of serving others before taking care of their own needs, which is a leadership principle, meant to empower the followers through encouragement and motivation (Brooks, 2015). This leadership approach can be applied in different organization settings including healthcare facilities to improve the performance of the employees in achieving the desired goals and objectives (Brooks, 2015). As a nurse at MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital, one of the principles of servant leadership that I can apply in the organization is building a strong community within my job level. This will lead to improved engagement of the employees resulting to job satisfaction (Brooks, 2015).

This principle can be applied by supporting other employees in the organization through helping them in areas where they are faced with challenges in performing their roles and responsibilities in the organization (Brooks, 2015). Another principle of servant leadership that can be applied at MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital is having good listening skills, which can be applied by helping the workers in their decision-making process (McCuistion, 2018). This principle is important in identifying the needs of the workers. This will enable the workers feel valued and free to give their opinions on any pressing concerns (McCuistion, 2018). This will empower the workers by motivating the workers in improving their performance and job satisfaction (McCuistion, 2018).

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This principle can be applied by the implementation of a good communication system, which will lead to improved listening, and persuasion aspects, which are important in an organization aiming at achieving the benefits associated with servant leadership (McCuistion, 2018). These servant leadership principles are meant to improve the performance of the employees as well as improve the relationship between members of the organization, which is important in increasing trust in the organization (McCuistion, 2018). ReferencesBrooks, C. (2015, May 7).

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