APPLICATION compared with X-RAY and other method

• NMR spectroscopy is used for the identification and structural identification of organic, metal and biochemical molecules.
• It helps in identifying the organic compound
• It reveals the presence of particular functional group such as hydroxyl groups, aldehyde, carboxylic acid etc
• More than 200 isotopes have magnetic moments and these can be studied by NMR
• Simplifies analysis of more complex cases like protein.

NMR technology has been applied to various field other than chemistry such as biology, physics, medicine and food sciences.
• One of the most important application of NMR is MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). MRI is used for diagnosis of soft tissue, tumours, various disease and rate of blood volume in one pulse in heart. In MRI, data from pulsed radio frequencies of solid or semisolid objects are subjected to Fourier transformation and converted to three-dimensional image of the interior of objects. The primary advantage of MRI when compared to X-ray or to other imaging method that NMR are little or no potential of radiation injury or other damages to human when compared with X-RAY and other method that uses radioactive compounds.
• NMR is used in pharmaceuticals science to study drug metabolism, pharmaceuticals reaction
NMR has found numerous applications in the localization and characterization of metabolites in biological fluids in vivo and in vitro and, thus, it can be utilized in the diagnosis of many kinds of diseases.

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