APerfumes intangibles. An element of the marketing

APerfumes Guyana offer both products and services satisfying the physiological and psychological needs of its customer by delivering high quality products and excellent customer service complimenting the process. Marketing plays an important role in building awareness and as such a variety of media channels are used to target various audience. This report analyses the main distinct features differences of consumer preferences and marketable strategies applicable to increase awareness of intangibles.

An element of the marketing mix is Product. According to (Claessens, 2015) A product can be defined as anything that we can offer to a market for attention, acquisition, use or consumption that could satisfy a need or want (Claessens, 2015). Perfumes Guyana offers tangible products such as colognes and perfumes which can be held, seen, felt and smell and satisfies the needs of the user. Customers purchasing these products can return the item for an exchange if he or she is not satisfied either because they purchase a wrong fragrance or it’s damaged.

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Upon completion of payment, the item is owned by the customer since ownership is transferred the moment transaction is completed. These products are considered perishable having a long life and can be stored for later use. They offer a wide variety of authentic designer fragrances for both male and female, mists and soothing lotions.


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