AP English Literature and Composition Free Response essay

Emirs past events not only change the way he lives in the world, but more importantly the way he sees the world.

As a child Emir had a best friend named Hosannas whom had impacted his life more than any other character. Hosannas had been the first person to make a change in Emir’s life. Unfortunately Hosannas was a victim Of rape and Emir had witnessed this event, but did nothing to stop it.

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Emir’s guilt of not stopping this crisis had contributed to his future actions. This event impacted Emir greatly and for that reason Emir loses contact with Hosannas after falsely accusing him of taking his belongings.Emir’s guiltiness taunts IM overtime and influences him into committing more wrong doings, but also infill ounces him into correcting those wrong doings. Throughout the story Emir’s past always finds its way into the present. Hosannas and Emirs eventually drift apart because of Hessian’s rape and this leads to Hosannas forming his own family.

Unfortunately Hosannas and his wife both die, leaving their daughter alone. This causes Emir to search for their child in order to relieve himself of the guiltiness he has always had.Emir is influenced by this because he becomes familiar with the struggles one may face in life. Once Emir realizes what he had done wrong, he is influenced into correcting his mistakes especially when he finds out Hosannas had died. He does this throughout the story by adopting Hessian’s child and taking a beating from Safes as well as giving a family the belongings in which he had falsely accused Emir of taking. Through these actions Emir is able to find peace and in a way forgive himself.

In the Kite Runner Emir’s past is not the only past that has found its way into the present.In the story, Emir’s father had slept with Hessian’s mother and kept it a secret his whole life. All (the “father” of Hosannas) raises Hosannas thinking he is his son when in actuality he is not. This affects Maids life because Emir grows up thinking his father preferred Hosannas over him when in reality Baby was just trying to reach out and Bond with his other son. Ironically Hosannas and Emir were like brothers and then they find out they are “brothers”. The past events of characters, especially Emir in the Kite Runner, are significantly important to their present actions, attitudes, and values.

Emir became more aware of his surroundings and valued his life ore than he ever had because Of the things that happened to him in the past. He performed many actions, some of which were good and some of which were bad. All of which had been influenced by his past. Essentially, Emir becomes a better person and this improvement would have not been possible without the influence of his former best friend/half-brother Hosannas. Hosannas was essential to Emir’s past because Hosannas had greatly contributed to Emir’s past events. In conclusion, Emir’s past events were what led him into his future and present events.

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