Answer: different factors and that a business

Answer: The legal behaviour of a business is when they conduct a business that is in compliance with the laws of the country . These are the legal behaviours that are set for the business and they have to follow. This includes factors such as business existence and whether the business is pursuing the legal rules and regulations that are required to be followed by the entire business. The law considers what kind of business is presented to the community and ensure that the service depends on standards and does not affect the health of the community. It look at the code provided by the company. And directly related to business as law and have to comply with all services providing services.

Ethics is the behaviour that companies require as values and beliefs and can be directly related to employees or customers in the organization. Ethical behaviour is the type of behaviour in which a business or individual represents an individual’s behaviour. These factors are related to individual who are part of the business and represent the business as defined in the code conduct, the do not have to do the same external business. This is related to the values and beliefs held by the organization, and these values and beliefs should be followed to represent the organization. An example of this is ethics training in the workplace to improve employee relationships and ensure that employees are respected in their business. It also includes examples of whether companies want to recycle products and consider waste management of the environment (Marmat , Jain, ; Mishra, 2016).

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The evidence shows that legal behaviour and ethical behaviour of the business are two different factors and that a business that complies with the laws does not mean that they are ethical with their behaviour as well. The law behaviour of the business is a must otherwise the business may get in trouble from the government whereas ethical behaviour is something chosen by the organization and how they want to their run business. The business must follow the rules and ensure that all the documents are up to date and all rules are being followed which are required for the business. This shows that there is a difference when the business is acting legally and ethically. This could also have an impact on how the customers are treated when purchasing goods and services from this business and is likely to have an impact on the profitability of the business. These are the behaviours which may have an impact on the business growth. Study by Kokemuller in 2014 also states that “something may be legal but not ethical.

It is up to the business if they behave ethically or not”. b.) Do some businesses have to pay more attention to ethical behaviour than others? Again give examples to support your argument.

Yes , some business need to more attention to ethical behaviour than others because it can have a direct impact on our environments and can also effect customers, but it is important to understand that ethical behaviour is an option. Some companies should pay more attention to ethical behaviour because of the services they provide to customers, for example, Waste Management Limited. This organization provides assistance to New Zealanders in finding useful items thrown by New Zealanders. This shows that the organization is showing more ethical behaviour compared to other business such as Pascoe’s (Patterson,2016)As the example of the waste management organization, they choose to provide additional ethical behaviour to the environment and customers, which it is a professional choice, but again, the situation is entirely up to the business. c.)Are there any situations in which someone should act illegally to do the best thing ethically?Yes, only if it is a situation of life and death. Apart from any other illegal act, a person may be charged and fined.

Illegal action has more serious consequences that can have a big impact on people. An example would be selling products and services that are illegal in New Zealand but are nice to customers. If the company is identified in this way, it will be finned and will have to pay fines.

It may also mean that all products will be taken away from them (Tsahuridu, 2015).


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