Another in forming friendships with anyone(Weir). Bundy

Another serial killer I researched was Ted Bundy. He was most known for his assault and murder on numerous young women and girls during the 1970s and possibly earlier. Bundy had obtained a skill that is very common in serial killers and used it to his advantage, which was his charm. He would use his charm to gain the trust of his victims and have them in a way to fall in love with him in a short amount of time. He would approach his victims in public places before empowering them and assaulting them in more secluded locations. What was different about Bundy was that he had no comprehension of how to form interpersonal relationships. In multiple interviews he claimed, ” I chose to be alone” and believed that he had no intention or belief in forming friendships with anyone(Weir).

Bundy had often preyed on young college women because he knew they would often be vulnerable and trusting of a charming man. He would then use his charm and faked disability to convince his victims to help him carry or unload objects from his car. He was also known to impersonate authority figures such as police officers, to gain victims’ trust before he attacked. He would strike his victims over the head with a crowbar or pipe. After hitting his victims, he would use handcuffs and force them into the vehicle. It was found that what motivated Bundy to commit such crimes, especially towards women was the grudge he was holding toward the rejection of his first girlfriend(Corner).

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Bundy had been rejected from his first girlfriend and then continued to be rejected from a woman for years following the first. It was believed that the woman he sought after were those who resembled any of the woman that rejected him. When being rejected, he had no control over the decision of the woman who didn’t want to be in a relationship with him, but with the woman he murdered, he was able to control them and make them feel the same as he did when rejected.Bundy had been a very intelligent man, which is something that is common in serial killers. They will often use their spectacular intelligence to create and plan their crimes ahead of time. Like I mentioned before, the crimes acted upon by serial killers is most of the time premeditated, which means they plan their crimes in order for it to be successful.

Having the amount of intelligence that most serial killers have, these will often result in the killer getting away with their crimes. Some do get caught eventually, but before then they’re able to commit horrific crimes that can not be taken back. “Bundy was classified as a High Factor 1 Psychopath, which means he was intelligent with very few signs of psychopathy early on in life”(Corner). So with his intelligence, his crimes became easier for him to commit and hide away from society for as long as 23 years.


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