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Another difference between then and now education is the cost that we used to pursue study to the higher institutions. In the past, we did not need to spend much money to pursue our study as some of the expenses was sponsored by the government and the local authorities (Lightfoot, 2016). But now, the cost to study in the higher institutions is higher then before even some of the students need to make loan to make sure they have enough money to survive in their college life. The fees and the expenses are quite expensive, including the registration fee, hostels and accommodations, books, tuitions, house rent, transportation and their pocket money. Many parents need to sacrifice to send their children to universities or college to guarantee their future. This is supported by a study from HSBC Bank in 2016, stated that 57 per cent of the 411 Malaysian parents surveyed took up loans to fund their offspring’s university education, even with saving in hands (Mustafa, 2017). Nowadays, students are like having race to earn the certificate whether it is diploma or degree. Most of them success to graduate from the universities but they are tied with a big amount of debt that they need to payback over their working life.

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