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To be the undisputed leader in the provision of multi-sensory connectivity resulting always, in the empowerment and enrichment of Sir Lankan lives and enterprises. Our Mission To lead in the provision of technology enabled connectivity touching multiple human sensors and faculties, through committed adherence to customer- driven, responsive and flexible business processes, and through the delivery of quality service and leading edge technology unparalleled by any other, spurred by an empowered set of dedicated individuals who are driven by an irrepressible desire to work as one towards a common goal in the truest ensue of the team spirit. Service From the Heart Create the Future Company Registration No. PC 38 Registered Address 475, Union Place Colombo 02 Sir Lankan Telephone : +94 777 678 700 Website : WV. Dialog. Elk 137 Our Vision Dialog Values Name of Company Dialog Exact PL Legal Form A public quoted company with limited liability. Incorporated as a private limited liability company on 27th August 1 993 and subsequently converted to a public limited liability company on 26th May 2005. Listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange in July 2005. Stock Exchange Listing The Ordinary Shares of the Company are listed on the

Colombo Stock Exchange of Sir Lankan. Board of Directors Ducat Zeta Kindling – Chairman Dry. Hans Wizardry’s – Group Chief Executive Mr.. Monkeys Prelims Mr.. Mohamed Mussing Mr.. James Manchuria Mr.. Darker Mohamed Sans Disharmony Mashes Mailman Mr.. Chair TV Board Audit Committee Mr.. Mohamed Mussing – Chairman Champions of Change Exceptional Performance Uncompromising Integrity Responsible Leadership Designed & produced by One Team Digital Plates & Printing by Software Printing and Publishing (Pet) Ltd Nominating & Remuneration Committee Company Secretary Ms. Variants Tactually

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Contact for Shareholder Services Group Corporate Services Telephone: +94 773 908 929 Fax: +94 117 694 350 E-mail: [email protected] Elk Contact for Investor Relations Group Investor Relations Telephone: +94 777 080 129 E-mail: [email protected] Elk Contact for Media Group Corporate Communications Telephone: +94 777 080 221 ; +94 777 088 412 E-mail: corporate. [email protected] Elk Subsidiary Companies 1. Dialog Broadband Networks (Pet) Ltd – 100% Telecast (Private) Limited – 100% 2. Dialog Television (Pet) Ltd – 100% Dialog Television Trading (Pet) Ltd – 100% Communion Broadband Network (Pet) Ltd – 100% 3.

Digital Holdings Lankan (Private) Limited – 100% Associate Companies 1. Prestidigitation Solutions (Pet) Ltd – 26% 2. Digital commerce Lankan (Pet) Ltd – 42. 48% Introduction to the Company Dialog Exact PL. A subsidiary of Exact Group Bertha (Exact), operates Sir Land’s largest and fastest growing mobile telecommunications network. The Company is also one of the largest listed companies on the Colombo Stock Exchange in terms of market capitalization. Dialog is also Sir Land’s largest Foreign Direct Investor (FED) with investments totaling over USED 1. 7 billion. Having previously introduced G to the region in s far back as 2006.

The Company also provides a comprehensive suite of International Roaming Services across a global footprint comprising of more than 200 countries, and operates a wide portfolio of international telecommunication services, including but not limited to retail and wholesale international voice and data services. Dialog a winner of two GAMMA Mobile World Awards in 2015 has the distinction of being voted by Sir Lankan consumers as the Telecoms Service Provider of the Year and Internet Service Provider of the Year for four successive years at the SLIM-Nielsen People’s Choice Awards.

Dialog as topped Sir Land’s Corporate Accountability rankings for the past 5 years in succession and is an ISO 9001 certified company. The Company has received numerous local and international awards including the National Quality Award and Sir Lankan Business Excellence Award. Dialog Exact supplements its market leading position in the Mobile Telecommunications sector with a robust footprint and market presence in Sir Land’s Fixed Telecommunications and Digital Television markets through its fully-owned subsidiaries Dialog Broadband Networks (Private) Ltd (DB) and Dialog Television (Private) Ltd. DTV). Dialog has been at the forefront of innovation in the mobile industry in Sir Lankan since the late ass’s, propelling the nation’s mobile telephony infrastructure to a level of advancement on par with the developed world. The Company delivers advanced mobile telephony and high speed mobile broadband services to a subscriber base in excess of 9. 5 Million Sir Lankan, via 2. G and G/3. G and G networks. In April 2013, Dialog secured the distinction Of becoming the first service provider in South Asia to commence commercial operations of GIFTED services, DB is Sir Land’s second largest Fixed

Telecommunications service provider, serving residential and enterprise customers with voice, broadband, lease lines and customized telecommunication services. DB is also a leading provider of Radio and Optical Freebased transmission infrastructure facilities. DTV operates a Direct-to-Home (HTH) Digital Satellite TV service and is the market leader in Sir Land’s Pay TV sector. DTV supports a broad array of international and local content in both Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HAD) formats alongside a wide portfolio of Sir Lankan television channels and delivers high quality infotainment to a viewer base of 452,000

Sir Lankan households. Annual Report 2014 1 Dialog Exact PL 1 1 Message from the Chairman As in previous years, it is gratifying to note that our Company continues to be a major contributor to the revenues of the Government of Sir Lankan (Goals) and hence to national development and the welfare of the country citizens. During the year 2014…. Remittances to the Goals accruing from the operations Of the Group totaled RSI- 24. Ban. 2 1 Dialog Exact PL I Annual Report 2014 My dear shareholders, In 2015 our Company celebrates the completion of 20 years of commercial operations.

I believe we can be electively proud of the fact that over these two decades, our Company has succeeded in leading a quantum transformation in Sir Land’s connectivity infrastructure and the way in which Sir Lankan citizens connect and communicate. Furthermore, I believe that our Company has truly lived up to its vision of ensuring that the outcome of its operations results always in the empowerment and enrichment of Sir Lankan lives and enterprises. Leadership am happy to inform you that during the Year 2014, we further consolidated our position as the undisputed leader in Sir Land’s mobile market.

Today, Dialog’s Mobile Telephony network serves in excess of 9. 5 million Sir Lankan citizens and provides voice and high speed mobile broadband services across all provinces of the country. We also succeeded in extending our leadership in the country Digital Pay Television sector and we continued to make aggressive strides with respect to market share and consumer preference in the fixed telephony and broadband sectors. Am also happy to report that our Company continued to lead the industry with respect to Innovation and thought leadership.

In this respect, the Year 2014 brought with it a milestone achievement which placed our Company on the world stage with respect to leadership in innovation. Dialog Exact was recently honored with two world awards at the Mobile World Congress, where our Company stood amongst world leaders in the global mobile industry as the winner of world awards for the best mobile money service and best technology enabler respectively. We also stand humbled by the fact that Dialog continues for several years in succession, to be voted by Sir Lankan consumers as the Telecoms Services Provider of the Year and Internet Services Provider of the Year.

Financial Performance In tandem with competing aggressively across the ultimate industry sectors in which we operate, our Company has also been diligent and consistent with “l firmly believe that our priority at this stage should be to ensure that on going and planned strategic investments supporting the future growth of our Company are not compromised, and that the growth momentum achieved in the previous years is sustained through investments in infrastructure and customer experience enhancements. ” respect to its focus on Operational Excellence and Cost Management.

This duality in focus has enabled our Company to grow market share and revenues in tandem with increases in profitability and returns on investment. Am happy to report that during the year under review, the Dialog Group demonstrated strong growth in revenue across Mobile, Digital Pay Television and Fixed Line businesses to record consolidated revenues of RSI. 67. Ban representing an increase of 6% Year on Year (YOU). On the backdrop of strong revenue growth, Group EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization) for FYI 2014 was recorded at RSI. 0. Ban, an increase of 5% YOU. The Group EBITDA margin for FYI 2014 was recorded at 31. 1%. Leading on from robust EBITDA, Group Net Profit After Tax (INAPT) grew 17% YOU to be recorded at 6. 1 Contribution to Government Revenues As in previous years, it is gratifying to note that our Company continues to be a major contributor to the revenues of the Government of Sir Lankan (Goals) and hence to national development and the welfare of the country’s citizens. During the year 2014, the Dialog Group contributed RSI. 11. Ban in taxes, fees and levies to the Goals inclusive of Income Tax. Furthermore, the Group through the provision of a wide range Annual Report 2014 1 Dialog Exact PL 1 3 Message from the Chairman of telecommunications and Internet services also collected consumption taxes, totaling to RSI. 13. Ban n behalf of the Goals during FYI 2014, comprising in the main of Telecommunication Levy collections amounting to RSI. 10. Non. Accordingly, remittances to the Goals accruing from the operations of the Group totaled RSI. 24. Ban.

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