Annexation Of Philippines essay

However, the b suggest conflict was not only that Philippines was approximately 8000 miles away, but also the e fact that it consisted of a completely different race, culture, language, and history. It was clearly a nation of it’s own. The annexation of Philippines might have been detrimental for the IS S, it also raised inevitable conflicts between the two races. In the late 1 sass, after the American Spanish war, LIST was at a stage where the eye could either “decide to shrink like cowards from the contest, or enter into it and be seemed brave and highlighted people and crown their banners” (Doc 1 .

Roosevelt. Para. 3). Unite d States was clearly in pursuit of becoming an empire and expanding its territories since a annexing islands could bring major benefits to the economy of the trade businesses is the US. The Philippines had a population of about 7 million people, which was a reasonable sized new ma reek for American Facial 2 manufactured goods.

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Therefore, expansion was one of the major reasons who the US decided to annex the Philippines. On the other hand, the Philippines was undergoing major settlement crises.T hey did not have a stable government or any strong rules to run a nation. “Their population n included halfbacks and native Christians, warlike Moslems, and wild Pagans” (Doc 2. Mac Kinney. Para . 2). This clearly portrays an image of a nation with diverse cultures and a collage of weak ethnic groups.

The US officials wanted to bring Filipinos to Christianity and wanted t hem to civilize themselves. Philippines was also “unfit for galvanometers” (Mckinley Para. ) since it was an impoverished, divided country that did not even have a common language, m odder farming techniques, or a government to handle these issues. The US wanted to set up a government in Philippines with the promise that the US would grant them independence as s non as they were fit for galvanometers. Not only that, but the US also made sure Filipinos got the education they deserved, got more employment opportunities, and also dramatically expand deed their trade business.The United States, considered one of the mightiest countries in the world, had the power and weapons to protect Philippines. If the states had not decided to annex the e islands, surely one of the other major world powers, such as, Germany or Japan would have.

Fifth e Philippines had not been taken under the wing of protection and safety by the US, they would have been in the same position as they were under the control of the Spanish government. “The is is the divine mission of America, and it hold for us all the profit, all the glory, all the happen as possible to man.We are the trustees of the world’s progress, guardians of its righteous p ace” (DOC 3. Bridged. Para. 5).

This quote shows how the United States officials believed they were the Facial 3 ultimate power that could rescue the Filipinos from getting annexed by some other country. However, the difference between US and other countries was vivid. US was WI Ling to stick with their promise of independence and education for Filipinos, whereas, the tote r countries were only in search for more land and slaves.

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