Anna she proves that by talking about

Anna Quindlen wrote the story identifying America as a quilt of a country. She described America using lots of different metaphors to show that even tho theres lots of different qualities they all unite to make one. She describes america with that metaphor but also establishes its difficult time of prejudice and human maltreatment. She writes about the stuff that makes america a horrible country but also about how all those things still making america a working, powerful , and united country. America has lots of different religions and customs inside of the country which Anna uses as the comparison to the quilt. Anna goes on to quote a historian in order to build off of the idea and make an analogy that america is a quilt.

By quoting the historian she creates a clear image of what she is trying to say to the readers. After that she goes on to talk about the idea of trying to treat everyone equally has failed , she proves that by talking about the lynching of blacks and discrimination of women. Stating those points supported her claim of how america shouldn’t work but miraculously it does.

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She establishes ethos by quoting a historian and by proving her point using actual facts of how America is the quilt and how the pieces that make the quilt are the people in the country.She uses the ideas of racial injustice and americas conflict to establish pathos. By talking about that she shows how even us as a country are not perfect but also have our flaws. She establishes logos by stating facts on how america is dysfunctional which is the core of her claim. She proceeds to give negative example on the problems that america is faced with.

In conclusion , Annas article uses lots of evidence to prove her points. She uses lots of analogies and explanations that help support her idea that America should not work but does due to the different races uniting in times of tragedy to become a unique country that stands tall when all their different people come together it is something miraculous.


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