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Anna LopezLA honors Core 7 February 1st, 2018 In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird By Harper Lee, The main character Scout symbolizes the motifs of courage and curiosity. Early/ close to the middle of the novel, Scout symbolizes The motif of courage though standing up for people in situations and joining jem and dill with activities to get more info of Boo Radley. IN chapter 15, Scout, Jem, and Dill find Atticus in the Maycomb jail, protecting a mob of men who want to lynch Tom Robinson.

Immediately, Scout ran over to Atticus without a second thought, spotting Mr. Cunningham. Thinking about what Atticus told her, it’s polite to talk to people about the things they are interested in, not what you’re interested in. Soon enough, Scout unknowingly subdued the mob with her little talk with him about his son, Walter Cunningham. Even if it was for a minute, she was able to put Mr.

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Cunningham in Atticus’s shoes. Soon after that the mob of men left, shook and slightly embarrassed. This is when Scout Finch symbolizes courage.

SHe had The courage to go to a dangerous mob, -where even her father’s life was at stake- and kick one of them in the groin ( by accident) and bring them to their senses with just a little small talk. Scout also represents curiosity in the novel. Throughout the novel, Scout learns a lot from reading, but her curiosity also leads her to learn about her life by questioning, She asks people like Atticus, learning the meaning of words she always hears throughout the town like “n—-er-lover” or “rape” words that lead up to the case with Tom Robinson. Even in the courtroom scout asks ___ what rape was. In chapter 12, when scout and jem go to church with Calpurnia, she asks where many of the things she saw in church ( such as the hymn books) were.


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