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Anna Frank was born in Frankfurt am Main to a Jewish family in 1929. During the war, she and her family fled to the Netherlands, where she lived in a shelter in the backyard.She kept a diary from 1942 to 1944, until her family was found and sent to a concentration camp, where she died a few months later.

Just two months before liberation.”He gave me a blowjob”: 7 heterosexual men talk about their sex with men”He gave me a blowjob” : 7 heterosexual men talk about their sex with men Try not to laugh when you look at these 10 pictures of a girl who parodies celebritiesTry not neigh , when you will look at these 10 pictures girls , which parodies celebritiesIn 3 years her diary was published by her father. The book was translated into 67 languages ??and it is listed in UNESCO.The peculiarity of the diary is that it not only describes the horrors of war, but rather the usual life of a teenage girl against the background of this war.Anna talks about the quarrels of the inhabitants of the shelter, about how she does not love the mother and loves her father, how she will buy her clothes after the war, how she falls in love with her neighbor.This is a touching maiden’s diary with interesting thoughts and remarks, but it’s written in the middle of hell.

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