Angiosperms not surrounded by an ovary or

Angiosperms have many distinguishing characteristics.  All angiosperms have flowers at
some stage in their life. These flowers are reproductive organs used to lure insects, birds and
mammals such as bats so they can spread their pollen. Angiosperms also have small pollen
grains that spread genetic information from flower to flower, and these grains are smaller than
gametophytes, the reproductive cells of non-flowering plants. All angiosperms have stamens,
which are reproductive structures found in flowers that produce the pollen grains that carry male
genetic information. Angiosperms have much smaller female reproductive parts than non-
flowering plants too, which lets them produce seeds more quickly. They have closed carpels,
which protect developing seeds that might turn into fruit.  Finally, angiosperms use double
fertilization. This produces Endosperm, which serves as a food source for the developing
Angiosperms were more successful in the Cenozoic Era in comparison to gymnosperms.
 Gymnosperms have vascular seed bearing plants in which the ovules are not surrounded by an
ovary or protected. They develop their seeds on the surface of scales and leaves, which often
form cone or stalk shapes. They use direct fertilization through pollination. However,
gymnosperms primarily spread pollen and seeds through wind, whereas angiosperms are able to
utilize various animals and insects to spread their pollen and seeds.  Additionally, there is a
difference in the Seedling Hypothesis for Angiosperm Dominance. Gymnosperms are woody and
slow growing.  They have a lengthy reproductive cycle. Young leaves thick and energetically
consuming to make, not changeable in shape.  Angiosperms have many herbaceous and fast
growing and they have a short reproductive cycle. Leaves thing, energetically easy to make and
variable in shape.  Angiosperms also rapid seedling growth.

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