Andrew from Scotland because of the hardships they

 Andrew Carnegie:                        The man who achieved it all.

   “As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do”Andrew carnegie was a man who did many things in his life and has achieved things that no man could ever do. Let us see how he did this by going in the past: to his childhood.  Childhood:   Andrew immigrated from Scotland because of the hardships they were                                           having. His father  was a handloom weaver there and he didn’t get paid enough for the family survive. They moved to America to seek a new life. When he was thirteen, he had to get a job because they needed more money.

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They lived in Pennsylvania and he worked in a factory nearby were they lived. He only earned $1.20 a week and he knew it wasn’t enough, so he only worked there a year and then went to be a telegraph operator.        He continued in his telegraph career by moving up to the telegraph operator position. He later left the telegraph company and joined the Pennsylvania Railroad.

He worked as a assistant to the railroads top official, Thomas Scott. He had learned a lot about business and the railroad industry in his career. Three years later, he got promoted to a superintendent.                                                  Teen through middle life:       While he was working on the railroad, Carnegie made a lot of investments that brought back good things. One of the main things he invested in was oil.he later left the company to do things that would interest him more which included joining the Keystone Bridge Company.

After another decade or so, Carnegie started his own company called the Carnegie Steel Company.  In his company, Carnegie built many plants and made a new way to make steel which was quicker and efficient. He bought anything that he needed including train sand fields for coal.  His business:       Andrew used the start-to-finish strategy to dominate the steel business. People have given him many tiles,but his most famous is america’s “builders”. In 1889, the carnegie steel corporation was the largest of its kind.

Andrew Carnegie made a good business, but at the price of his workers. One of his managers lowered the workers wage and they went on strike. The managers had to call guards break up the fight.

Many people blame Andrew Carnegie for his unfairness on his workers.                                                                                                                                                          Philanthropy:     Andrew sold his business to J. P. Morgan for over 200 million dollars.

He then spent his time doing philanthropic work such as building libraries and making many donations. He continued this and grew in philanthropy throughout the 20th century. Andrew Carnegie was a good readers and wanted everyone to be good at it as well. He spent over 5 million dollars to New York library, so they could open new branches.    Learning:    Andrew wanted everyone to learn, so he created the Carnegie Institute of technology which was later called the Carnegie-mellon University in 1904. He also created a foundation called the Carnegie foundation for the advancement of teaching to start more schools.

Andrew had a big interest in peace, so he created the Carnegie endowment for international peace in 1910. Throughout his lifetime, he made many donations and it is said that he built over 2800 libraries across the country.                Social life:     Andrew loved traveling to new places. He had many famous friends that include Mark Twain and Theodore Roosevelt. Andrew also wrote many books to inspire people. One article that he wrote was called”Wealth”, witch talked about what the wealthy should do with their money. This later got published to a book called “The Gospel of Wealth”.              Overall, Andrew carnegie did many things in hs life which he had to overcome by himself.

I want you to see into your future and do you feel like you can be big. I want to challenge you to keep thinking, Just like Andrew did.Text resources: Andrew Carnegie: Captain of industryVisual resources:


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