And but it cannot punish wrongful loving.(footnote) That

And therefore, heavenly city cannot be shaped by law. Law can distribute and protect property but it cannot decide the spirit in which property is used. Law can punish the wrong done to others but it cannot punish wrongful loving.(footnote) That is the reason no city can ensure membership in the heavenly city not even the Christian theocracy. The heavenly city finds its members in every nation and every state and mostly among diverse habits and customs.

Augustine rejects both apocalyptic view, which is hostile to the civil order of Rome and Eusebian view. Christianity was being identified with the Roman Empire. Later, he emphasizes that we can make an exception that the citizens of both the cities live a common life with the people who are not similar to them and their city cannot be identified. Augustine denied the classicial view. He says that the need for civil association is intrinsic to man’s rational nature. He attributes

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