and money moving from one location to

and Management intends to fulfil. Therefore the project will aim at solving the following problems: Most visitors who are visiting new locations lack sufficient information on the cost of accommodation, a direction of hotels and services offered by the hotels.

The visitors end up being stranded in the towns and in some cases end up in dissatisfying places which do not offer the quality of services they would have liked. Secondly, Low no of clients in hotels, some hotels in the country experience a small clientele because they are relatively unknown to people outside those towns. This leads to low profits for the hotels. Also, Time wastage by visitors in searching for rooms.

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Visitors waste a lot of time and money moving from one location to another looking for a suitable accommodation.  1.3Objectives 1.

3.1Main objectivesTo provide online hotel management and reservation system to enable job seekers, travellers, investors, politicians, researchers and so on to reserve rooms in hotels of their choice in Thika people visiting Thika Town.1.3.2Specific objectives To provide accurate and sufficient information to the clients about the availability of rooms in different hotels at Thika town.

The system will help the clients to get all the details they require to know about accommodation in hotels of Thika town. This will help them make good choices on accommodation during their stay in the town. To provide a platform for comparison between various accommodation facilities in Thika town. This will be made possible as the website will contain a collection of different hotels.

Such information will include the cost of accommodation, the number of rooms available, the facilities contained in those rooms and so on. To come up with a system that helps the hotel management to manage time in regard to employees and clients. Since this system is intended to support multiple clients at a time, this will help in time management compared to if each client was to be attended physically. To offer a platform for hotel owners to market their products, by posting them on our sites hence every visitor to the site is aware of the existence of a specific hotel. 1.4 HypothesisThe implementation of this system will help a client to get all the details they require to know about accommodation in hotels of Thika town.There is a direct relation between online flight reservation and online hotel reservation.


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