and how I know what the struggle is

and it’s crazy like you can just walkthrough life doing the same thing day inand day out let the time go by and noteven realize how much nothing is evenhappening for you now I’m trying to makea difference I’m trying to make a changeI’m trying to open up people’s minds sothat they can step through theirstruggles they can overcome their sorrowthe things that are burning them up onthe inside I’m trying to help themovercome that so they can be the peoplethat they were meant to be I come fromthe struggle that’s how I know what thestruggle is right the storm it sucks butthe calm after the storm is what it’sall about I mean I think about whereI’ve come from where I am nowand it it’s a lot it’s a lot to processI went through so much hurt I wentthrough so much denial I went through somuch stuff persecutionI didn’t even acknowledge my self-worthI didn’t know what I was worth I was soconsumed by the things of this world Ididn’t understand God’s plan for me okayI want you to know that when I’m in myvideos talking about what I do and why Iand and how much I do I’m not trying tocall you out for what you do I’m nottrying to tell you how to live your lifeall I’m trying to do is give you adifferent perspective so that maybe oneday you can look at these videos and sayhey just help me changejust help me be me just help me dosomething that I didn’t know I couldMusic


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