Ancient China the major body of water

Ancient Egypt and China were similar but extremely different in their own ways. Both civilizations had made religion a big part of their lives. Both civilizations had similar geography, as well as their writing styles. In this essay I will attempt to show the similarities and differences between these two civilizations in a Compare & Contrast format.

In both ancient Egypt and China there were some bodies of water that played a big role in the development of the civilization. In Egypt the major body of water was the Nile river, in China the major body of water was the Yellow river. These rivers enabled these civilizations to be able to have very fertile soil for crops. The river also allowed both civilizations to have complex irrigation systems for their crops.

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Both civilizations had very efficient and organized governments but they were very different from each other. Egypt’s government was a Theocracy; in China their government was a Monarchy. Along with the governments the civilizations also had different social structures/hierarchy.

In China the people believed that their homes and families were the center of life while in Egypt the people believed that the Pharaoh was the “almighty” being that looked over Egypt. As you can see both the Ancient China and Egypt civilizations are very different in many ways. These are just some of the ways that they are different.


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