Anarchy it is more than chaos or

Anarchy is a state of lawlessness due to the absence or insufficiency of the supreme power and according to the realist it is more than chaos or disorder, rather it contains certain principles, norms, shares and agreement between states in an environment where there is no higher authority nor power to rule over the other states (Dunne and Schmidt 2014:101). Thus, the international realm has no central power to impose rules. An example of an Anarchical state is the killing of Osama Bin Laden by America in 2011 or the NATO issue in Libya where sanctions were imposed (NATO 2015). Classical realist argue that human nature is to be blamed for anarchy because it is selfish and egotistic (Dunne and Schmidt 2014:103).Structural realists on the other hand argue that power is the reason behind the drive for international relations (Dunne and Schmidt 2014:104). The principles of an Anarchical society are sovereignty territorial integrity and balance of power.

The importance of anarchy is the issue of structure. Waltz argues that how the state behaves is shaped by its structure and this is different from humans (Waltz 1989:40).

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