Analysis Where the wild things are turnin essay

This cord relates us all to Max who was a quarrelsome child. This story has an incredibly foundational influence on its readers because they can relate to the story, having a “wild thing” within themselves. In the Story, Max was sent to bed one evening without dinner after making mischief in his wolf costume and speaking disrespectfully to his mother. Max had absolutely misbehaved, so his mother disciplines him by sending him to bed before eating. Being pointed to his room without dinner for causing mischief made Max mad.Here Man’s wild journey really begins, and creates a metaphor for processing through anger and the sequences of allowing anger free reign.

While Max is sitting there stewing within his room, the anger begins to grow and cultivates him within a forest. This sets him on a long voyage “through the night and a day and in and out of weeks and almost over a year” (Agendas 20-22). This shows how anger can cause separation between someone and their loved ones. Arriving to the “place where the wild things are” (Agendas 24) the manifestation of his anger created these monsters the “Wild Things.

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“With a magic trick” (Agendas 26) Max becomes their king, and he allows anger to take over to throw their “wild rumpus” (Agendas 29) party. This party was not a normal party but rather one of mischief and trouble. An accident is waiting to happen, but before long Max sees something is not right. Max realizes the enjoyment of his anger isn’t worth being separated from his mother, the one who “loved him best of all. “(Agendas 36) His mothers love appears by a drifting scent of delicious food to enjoy. He decided being king was no longer worth being lonely and to sail back home.After a long journey back to his room, Max found his dinner awaiting and best of all it was still warm. A mother’s love maybe tough at mimes, but will bring a warm feeling within.

In addition to Man’s feelings within the story, they could be felt through the illustrations alone. This assistance helps children to relate to Max and to understand their own feelings by seeing how Max was feeling. The book’s cover has a picture of a big forest and a sleeping monster that almost doesn’t fit within the forest.What’s interesting is the monster has human feet and even thought it has sharp claws and horns his head has features Of a cow. Within the background you see a ship that has bright colors and is smaller than the monster.

In the illustrations, the monsters are large and often scary, just as the impression of anger can be an immense and frightening emotion. The first few pictures are of Max causing unusual mischief, in each of the pictures you see and feel Man’s emotions. The picture before he is sent to his room shows Max in his wolf costume jumping down the stairs after the dog with a grin from ear to ear.Hidden within, Max is holding a fork in his hand so you know he is hungry. The dog appeared to be running for the kitchen where his mother probably was at. My mother would not be happy with me if I decided to run around the house tit a fork no matter how hungry I was. Following, you see Max in his room with a fuming express on his face that can be felt.

As he drifted off into his imagination and created the forest within the room, the author uses a few pictures to show the room being taken over by the forest.Once the forest had overtaken the room the sketch is no longer two thirds the page but the full page. This shows how easily anger, if allowed full control, can become an over powering emotion. Using a boat the author symbolizes that Max was allowing his anger to take more control and now started to feed into its self. Normally a kid would become scared with the approaching monsters with there loud roars, sharp teeth, yellow eyes, and sharp claws. However, the painting expressed Max became angrier after arriving to their land.

The following page Max is still fuming and scares the monsters with enchanted trick. Here the monsters have child like expressions that anyone can relate to. On the next pages Max becomes king over the monsters and has a satisfied expression over his face. The resulting pages show what a rumpus party has to offer. During the party Man’s expressions are never happy but content.

Once his anger subsisted he became lonely because of how far away it took him. When Max started to come back to reality, the books illustrates this by him sailing back to reality.Within the image you see Max under the night sky with an unsatisfied emotion across his face. His dissatisfaction can be related to the loneliness that can be seen and felt by the representation of him sailing alone.

The last illustration in the book, Max was back in his room with a beaming smile across his face. This smile can be interrupted because of the warm delicious home cooked meal on the table. Max finally brings down the DOD of his wolf costume while really thinking about all he has done. You see this because his hand is on his head.He distinguishes that even both his mother and himself were frustrated with the events that occurred, but they found being mad was not worth loosing someone who “loved him best of 36). Throughout the story the author uses evocative words that are simply understood by children and has the ability to shape vocabulary and word selection for students.

The first distinctive word Agendas uses for the reader is “mischief’. Children can connect to the word on a personal level as hey all have ” made mischief. ” (Agendas 8) Many children have not only caused mischief, but have also been punished for it.This wasn’t their desired reaction and it caused them to relate to the emotions of Max. Another phrase that was used was “smelled good things to eat”. (Agendas 37) Everyone knows the smells of a good home cooked meal by someone that loves them. This helps to bring Max back to reality by coming to terms with his anger.

Near the end of the story, Agendas uses a word that is often related to anger and was “gnashed”. It was used to describe how the monsters were showing their teeth. By using this word, children can see how their facial expressions can relate to their feelings.Lastly, I like to point out the word “terrible?’, as children can often relate to in many ways. Using these words the author creates a connection with children on there level of understanding so they may relate to Max.

This book remember reading many times as a child, but I never linked Man’s emotions with what was hipping within the story. Now if a child just like myself were unable to develop this connection it would derive with a simple discussion. While talking with children to comprehend why Max came so angry from his mothers punishment can help to bring this theme out.

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