Analyse discuss individual’s workload, skills necessary and

Analyse the principles, scope and purpose of professional supervisionProfessional supervision is where responsibility is given to the worker by an organization to perform work with other workers to meet specific organizational, professional and personal objectives. Supervision principle provides the supervisor and the supervisee the opportunity to discuss the roles and responsibilities in a safe and planned environment. For example, if an individual decides to do supervision, it is necessary to be aware of certain expectations from each other during supervision (Chiller, & Crisp, 2012).Supervision purpose is to allow employers and the workers to have a meeting one on one to reflect and evaluate their work practice. During supervision, it is significant to discuss individual’s workload, skills necessary and the needs for training.

Additionally, it is also essential to consider competence. This provides an opportunity to address individuals’ issues that may arise from other workers and residents. It also gives a plot of how the project is running and how new suggestions may be initiated. The scope entails ways in which professional supervision can be achieved (Chiller, & Crisp, 2012).At St Mary’s our purpose for professional supervision is to guarantee with the aim of the quality of care deliver to our residents as well communicated.

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As supervisor and supervisee, we agreed; ? To work together to discuss any reflect on issues relating to care practice, beliefs of the home and career development in order to improve care in the home. ? To work together and meet privately once every two months for a minimum of 20 minutes of the one hour to ensure all issues are addressed.? To protect the time and space for supervision, by keeping to agreed appointment and time boundaries. Interruptions should be avoided except in emergencies.? To provide a record for our employer, detailing the times and dates of supervision sessions and a board outline of issue discussed. To agree a course of action for any other issue raised by the supervisee as long as they are justified.

We understand that these notes are to be subpoenaed by a court of law, seen by inspectors and viewed by the employer as part of Investigation of disciplinary hearings.? The supervisor may raise issues neglected or unnotified by the supervisor.? We will work respectfully, being open to feedback about how we handle the session.? We both agree to challenge aspects of the agreement that may be dispute.


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