An Americans spend twice as much as

An abundant amount of Americans in the United States do not obtain health care.

All citizen can access health care, but it may seem harder. With the inflation of cost each year, affording health care became more difficult for the average person. Forty-three million Americans are uninsured (Mechanic 1). Some of the major problems with the United States healthcare system include the intolerable cost of insurance premiums, rigid coverage, and lack of funds. The United States Health Care affects all citizens regardless social status. However, minority groups experience more of the negative effects than anyone else. Health care should not only be offered but affordable for all.    Before the increase of health care, the system worked well.

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People do not expect to be ill or injured, but most will unexpectedly need medical, dental, or vision care at a certain point in their life. Health insurance covers these costs and offers other benefits. The system worked well because of The Affordable Care Act (ACA).  The purpose of ACA involved: expanding access to health insurance, protecting Americans against imperious actions by insurance companies, and reducing the cost (Gingold 4). Americans spend twice as much as most other countries on patient care, yet the rate of deaths from illnesses remain higher (Mechanic 3). Many people lack access to health care, and health insurance companies currently shorten the access to urgent services. The high cost of healthcare increased fiscal problems for the federal and state government (Mechanic 4).

The cost of Medicare and Medicaid created a rapid increase in the shortage of government budget (Barcus 2).President Obama’s legislation, the Affordable Care Act, seemed like the solution to the problem. However, there are two gaping loopholes. The first deals with how much companies can ask people to pay out of pocket (Dubois 2). The typical middle-class American family contains four people, two working adults, and two children. The combined income of the household averages a net pay of $84,431 a year and families spend $60,000 of that income on daily expenses (Dubois 3).

 According to Health Affairs, each household approximately spends $8,400 on medical coverage in a year (Mechanic 5).  Currently, in the United States, health care remains as a free-market in which private companies charge customers for their medical coverage. Families pay large amounts of money for health coverage even though it is not universal. The ACA reports the amount of $6,850 for individuals and $13,700 for families (Dubois 3).  However, these reports apply to in-network care (Dubois 2).

 The second loophole deals with emergency-room visits.  If Americans go to an out-of-network hospital and unintentionally receive out-of-network care at an in-network facility, the amount they pay does not count apply to the annual coverage (Edwards 8). A typically family of four only remains with $16,000 for emergency money (Edwards 7 ). The ACA requires insurance companies to bill patients in a medical emergency as if they in a network, even if they end up at an out-of-network hospital (Gingold 6).  If a patient usually pays a 20% co-pay at an in-network facility and a 60% co-pay at an out-of-network one, the insurance must pay the remaining balance of the medical bill (Gingold 6). However, insurances make people pay the compensation back by increasing coverage fee. Health care remains as the largest annual expense. Unfortunately, health imbalance heavily affects the minority groups in the society (Steinberg 3) .

This includes women, children, the elderly, the disabled, and the people living in poverty. Due to the lack of access to health services, minority groups can not  receive proper medical care and attention (Kirby 9 ). The Affordable Act allows for inflation of health care which some people cannot afford. The United States healthcare system needs an universal care at an affordable price. Health services should be accessible and affordable for all groups.


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