An from different disciplines, along with the

An interdisciplinary approach relies on health professionals from different disciplines, along with the patient, working collaboratively as a team. The most effective teams share responsibilities and promote role interdependence while respecting individual members’ experience and autonomy.

The care team need to work together, utilising an interdisciplinary approach, to provide and implement a care plan that meets the patient’s goals and needs.
All health care professionals have a shared role in providing person-centred care for older people. (“Interdisciplinary approach to caring for older people in hospital fact sheet”, 2018)

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The National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions is the overarching policy document for chronic conditions that sets the directions and outcomes to achieve its Vision that “all Australians live healthier lives through effective prevention and management of chronic conditions.”

The Framework moves away from a disease-specific approach and provides national direction applicable to a broad range of chronic conditions by recognising that there are often similar underlying principles for the prevention and management of many chronic conditions.

The Framework was endorsed by all Health Ministers, through the COAG Health Council, in February 2017 and publicly released in May 2017.
Department of Health | National Strategic
(“Department of Health | National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions”, 2018)

• Consider your own local area. Can you identify strengths and weakness in the Australian healthcare system?

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