An Inconvenient Truth Review essay

There is simply no reason why a person could not understand this film. AY Gore does a great job conveying his message in a simplistic way. During the documentary, I was concerned on how global warming was affecting the rivers, lakes, and mountains around the world. Once Mr.. Gore showed this in the film, the evidence was devastating.

Then I got more worried, because I knew that this issue could in fact grow and become worse fife do not take action. This film presents at the end many ways in which we can contribute to help the Earth, which was great.These easy things can make a big change and can prevent our planet from having a disastrous end. People can also visit a weapon that provides more examples, so that we can all invest in this movement. Think everybody, including myself, should be doing something about this problem, because it already started having consequences on our country, and some other countries in a horrific way leaving thousands of people without a home to live.

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Maybe something that would encourage us to take action is to think about the future, not only our future, but our future generations.I think most f us have kids or at least plan to have kids someday, and if things keep going the way it is today they will not have a beautiful and healthy planet to live in. If we do not do something today, we will regret it tomorrow. I personally struggle with this issue. How can I help? What can I do? Where do start? I am very grateful that I watched “An Inconvenient Truth”, and AY Gore done an amazing job giving his speech with an intriguing presentation.

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