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An idea that the physical word is influenced by the spirits of dead animals and humans is termed as ghosts. Nowadays science and reason provide logic for everything and there are numerous scientific and psychological explanations for these haunting. Dr.

W.H Wilmer(1921) published a story in American journal of Ophthalmology about a haunted house. When the family moved in a old house where they experience weird phenomenon with the movements of furniture, strange voices at night and feelings of weakness and being held by something while sleeping on the bed. In the end it was reported that there was fault in the heating system which was producing carbon monoxide in house which was accountable for the auditory and visual hallucinations(Shaunacy,2015).

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Another psychological factor for explanation of haunting is suggestion when individuals are told that a particular place is haunted with ghosts or spirits then they are more likely to experience ghostly things. In a study participants visited five theaters and prior to the tour one group was told that the places are haunted while the other was told that the building was under renovation. A questionnaire was completed to assess the participants feelings and perception.

Those who were told that the place is haunted they experienced and reported more paranormal activity and happenings(Joe Techapanupreeda/Shutterstock,2016).In Islamic view those people who are dead their spirits are unable to return the world of living and cannot contact any living person. In Islam ghosts refers to jinns. Jinns has the power to take the appearance of the dead and appear in front of people to mislead them


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