An them while giving them lectures on performance

An argument is a statement or statements
that are used in order to try convincing people whether a certain opinion
raised in the statement is correct. It is used to convince someone to a certain
conclusion. The two key components in an argument are its premises and the
conclusion (Cottrell, 2017). A premise is the statement or statements that will
lead to the final formation of the conclusion. In the case of example one, there
are those statements that make up the premises and the conclusion. The premises
statements state where the principal worked previously, how tough he was, and how
he made other colleagues resent him because of his regular encounters with them
while giving them lectures on performance at the school. The conclusion
statement was about a new role the principal had gotten and how he would
continue his intolerable behavior in that new place. This is a good statement
because all its premises match its conclusion. However, it is not adequate for
providing the necessary information. Yes, the principal was harsh at the
previous job but this does not mean that this won’t change at the new position.

Example 2:
Promotional Literature for a Billboard Company

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the second example that involves a promotional literature for a billboard
company, the statements that make the premises involve a company that used a
billboard to increase its sales through advertising and that statement of a
doctor looking to increase his sales in his practice. The conclusion statement
refers to the doctor’s solution being a marketing strategy where he too should
set up a billboard to be able to advertise his services to more people. This argument
is not a good argument. It is true that the advertisement worked for the store
but that might not be sufficient intelligence that it will also work for the
doctor. Other factors affect the effectiveness of the billboard advert such as
its appearance, written message, and colors, among others. 


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