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An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a program that is offered to employees to allow the employees to have different types of resources through the company. The Employee Assistance Program helps with many different types of services. As in, counseling, work related problems, referrals for outside the company, and helping with issues that occur with personal or work-related issues.

This program is free and is all confidential so whether you go for stress, family problems, substance abuse/alcohol or any other issues the company will help to assist with counselors to prevent and cope with workplace violence. This program was put into place to help with work environments and employees who are having a difficult time. The Employee Assistance Program is all voluntary and can be serviced through phone, person or even through online/emails.

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Some people feel and think that the Employee Assistance Program isn’t free, but it is free to employees and family. And employees get confused on whether the program is actual health insurance. It is not health insurance and it does not provide any type of financial support to the employees. In the EAP program, they cannot diagnose any health issues or replace any medical or psychological treatments.

But there are some programs attached to the EAP that have specialized care such as elder care services and free medical clinics for employees and family. The EAP programs are paid for through the company and is operated through an agreement by a third-party administrator. This is something the employer should know and that they should feel secure and confident with the professionals that they are talking too.

So, they will have no fear about losing their job and understand that everything that is said is confidential. The programs are regulated through ERISA and Cobra guidelines to ensure privacy. The U.

S. Department of Labor have it to where the EAP programs are benefits through the workplace. And that upon termination the benefits no longer are allowed. This is how the company administers the programs for employees. The purpose again in the Employee Assistance Program is to help employees manage their day to day lives.

And to help employees to remain productive in their jobs. Every person in their life goes through a difficult time and companies do understand this. Managers can help employees to resolve matters through coaching them or referring them to the EAP programs. This will help people by staying focused on their jobs and help with everyday confidents.

And will help allow employees with self-managed care, negative behaviors and reduce health cost for employees. And with the no-cost benefit employees are encouraged by companies to take advantage of the Employee Assistance Program. By allowing employees to have this type of benefit at work will help with production at the work place.

It will keep stability with the employees and help the employees cope with whatever is occurring in their life’s. But however, there is also pros and cons with everything. The Pros are being happier, able to vent, help with stress, free, confidential, taking care of one’s self. And some of the cons consist in, limitation in boundaries, redundancy, mandatory policies and misguidance. Knowing some of the pro’s and con’s employees get worried about losing their jobs. They fear of misguidance of others and of failing.

So, with it would help a lot more with communication to allow the employee to sign up privately instead of through their managers. This will help with so many different types of issues with employees and their jobs.


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