An computer science” to educate myself. Me going

An education at Monroe college will benefit me in the future by letting me take full advantage of the IT course in computer science” to educate myself. Me going to Monroe college will provide me a career in that field i know taking up courses at Monroe in computer sciences,Information systems, programming and web designing.i knew Monroe was the college for me to further my education. Furthering my education at Monroe will benefit me in a number of ways but not only me, I could also help to contribute to the college, my family and city, it would allow me to expand my knowledge in computer sciences.A higher education at Monroe will give me a wider range of opportunities to grow academically.It would be a nice experience to go to a college so close to home ,knowing Monroe will promise me with a rewarding career and a brighter future. Monroe will give me a chance to be who i wanna be and to explore the unknown first hand. As to the fact that not only will I be able to learn new morals and gain new knowledge, but also to the fact that I will be well equipped and ready for the world of work. I am sure and positive that the experience , studies, knowledge and ethics given to me during my studies at Monroe will educate me and prepare me for what is yet to come. I can say that if anything was to come my way, I would be ready and I would be able to take on the challenge. The education I will receive from Monroe will help me prosper in the future.

A time in my life where i have to overcome a challenge was in high school, i was always the quiet kid in the classroom, never really raised my hand much, didn’t really to participate much that meaning my grades used to suffer because of that. Also in highschool I was surrounded by a lot of bad influence so grades was also affected by that too, but by my mom always being there for me i got my grades up high enough in order to graduate on time.the challenge that I had to overcome was having to stay focused in school and not jeopardizing my education by hanging around the wrong crowd of people

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My mom has always had a positive influence in my life, she has and was the only one who ever believe in me and that i could achieve my goals in life . she has always pushed me to stay in school and pursue higher education, i always loved being on the computer learning about how it works,and functions, i was always interested on how technology works growing up so doing computer science is not just my future profession, it is also my main hobby, I spend most of my hours on a computer why not just do something in that field that could benefit me and I see no other profession for me other than something related to computer sciences so attending Monroe college would allow me to achieve my goals by majoring in computer information systems and hopefully get a career in that field of f study

This is the path that I choose and who I wanna be, growing up I never really had much, growing up, my father wasn’t really around much so my mom had to work hard long hours to provide food and put a roof over my head to survive. In high school, I wasn’t great, I was surrounded by a lot of bad influence but I managed and pushed my way through to complete, my mom is the only person that ever believed in me, I also want to make things better for myself and her, I know I can definitely do that by getting accepted to Monroe College I appreciate your time and consideration also looking forward to seeing you soon.


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