An bestowed to him and won over him.

An Assignment on Percy Jackson and the Battle of Labyrinth This book Percy Jackson and the Battle of Labyrinth written by Rick Riordan is the forth in the Percy Jackson series.

It is a total fiction composed of classics and the writer’s imagination. It is written for children. As the author is a foreigner, it shows us the style of foreign children. It really keeps with the adventures of Percy Jackson. This time Percy along with Annabeth, Grover, Tyson begin the quest. Annabeth, the daughter of Athena lead the quest. They explore the Labyrinth and they face different kinds of monsters. There are many elements which raise our curiosity.

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Labyrinth is magical architecture which grows by itself and the Chronas the god of time wants to invade the Camp of Half-bloods and these children are trying to stop their invasion. They fight a man who was blessed by Gaia, the Earth goddess. Percy makes a clever decision of hanging him in the chain of skulls created by him and avoids the help of sand bestowed to him and won over him.

The author also emphasize the importance of ecosystem in the river ‘s statement how it can’t be used to clean a very stenching horse stable and in the story Percy won the cleaning of stable challenge by exploring his poet with water as he is the son of sea god Poseidon. Many things seems unbelievable to an adult but it is a wonderful book for children as flavor their imagination with many details of architectures, weird persons and intellectual as well as a physical fight. It emphasizes the importance of diligence through the search for god Pan who is the god of wild through Grover. It also says the point of Looking beyond the most through Rachel Elizabeth Dare. She is the person who comes in the middle but really play a major role for the campers to complete their quest. The revelation of Quintus as Daedalus the inventor is a thing which adds surprise and the revelation Chronas’s Mortal form in Luke’s appearance is also an interesting point. But Nico understanding the true nature of Percy is a good thing in the story. At last all of them involve in the war.

Nico and luckily Quintus, the Daedalus who assumed the automaton form also comes to rescue the camp. They temporarily stopped the invasion by destroying the Labyrinth but the story ends with the surprise knot which will be unfolded in the next book, Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian. The main knot is the prophecy of saving or destroying world at the age of sixteen.

It also unnecessarily introduces Calypso but we don’t know what the author going to do with that character. The introduction of Rachel Dare Elizabeth seemed so small but in this she almost played a major role. Still she holds her mystery. The book will be a good entertainer if you read in the leisure period and it will sure help to train your horse of imagination.


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