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An assessment should be done by a qualify staff member. This should have all relevant information needed about the individual basic care needs. Before an individual is being admitted to an organisation an assessment should be done by the staff from the home. The staff will then discuss with staff member and can decide whether we are able to meet their needs. Needs such as physical, psychological, social, emotional and cultural.

Based on the assessment list all care plan paper work from page one details of individual name date of birth, date of admission; next of kin details, reason for admission, allergies, Details of registered GP. Person centred care plan, mobility pressure risks, Water low score , mobility, Falls and Fracture risks, bed safety, nutritional Needs, etc. For example Mrs B A resident who has been diagnosed with dementia appear to be more confused and challenging then normally. Before we contact the mental health team, we take urine sample and analysed to determine whether or not that Mrs B has developed any infection. A dipstick was done and was positive. A sample also was sent to the laboratory for tests to be conducted and the results sent over to the Mrs B GP before he could prescribe any medication.

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The GP prescribe medication for Mrs B and ask that we continue to monitor her and he will review on the next GP visit. I then inform Mrs B daughter who is her next of kin. After Mrs B used her medication she was much better, her be behaviour changes.Working in partnership is important it helps us to understand the aims and objectives of different people and our partner’s organisation as they will more than likely have different approaches, views and attitude. It is important that everyone focus on providing the best possible care and support to the individuals.

It is extremely important that we discuss with the individual and their family, friends and any advocates. Every one of them will either have expert knowledge on the needs, wishes and preferences of the individual whom the plan relates to. They will have knowledge of the individual’s lives which we take in to account when we establish their plan of care.

for example if a resident has a communication problem they can tells us the best way to communicate with the resident, this will let the resident listen and supported in a way that they want.


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