An people. When the NHS was first formed,

An aspect of the current features of public health is the founding of the NHS. The NHS was established with the aim of providing provisions of health care for people needed the necessary services. The services that the NHS were first based on were general practitioners, hospital care, mentally ill and elderly people.

When the NHS was first formed, access to any general practitioners were free for any workers that lived their daily life on very low pay; however, this free access did not cover for people such as their wives, children, retired elderly people or just workers that were slighter richer and had better living standards than others. Another aspect of the current features of public health is the Health Protection Agency. The Health Protection Agency was set up to take the approach of protecting UK’s public health through the support and guidance of organisations and the local authorities such as the NHS and the Department of Health. It was an organisation that aimed to protect UK society from infectious diseases and environmental hazards. This was done by providing information and advice to the public and health care professionals in order to assess and observe public health in the UK.

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