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Aluminium Composite Material PanelsFire retardantpanels consisting ofa non- aluminum core with an aluminum cladding are called aluminum compositefire retardant panels. Aluminiumcomposite panels mustbe considered at the building planning stage so that they can be installed inthe construction phase.

The purpose of fire retardant panels is to reduce therisk of fire especially in thickly populated buildings for example anauditorium, a cinema an office building or even houses and apartment buildings.Even thougharchitects and building construction companies are bound to follow certainregulations that prevent fire hazards and some buildings are also armed withfire safety equipment and extinguishers, it is imperative for the constructorsto take all the possible measures to protect human lives. Using the materialthat is best for the safety of the inhabitants of a building is extremelyimportant.

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Aluminiumcomposite material isa technology that makes the panels non-combustible.Fire Rating and Fire RetardancyFire Ratingand Fire Retardancy are essentially two different things that you need to beclear on. A fire rated product is not necessarily a fire retardant product.  Fire resistant products are made essentiallyfrom materials that are non-combustible. A fire retardant product is one whichis chemically treated to burn slowly and control the spread of fire which is abehavior that a fire resistant product cannot exhibit.

Which Fire Retardant Panel and WhyA lot dependson using the right kind of products and stems, and utmost care has to be takenin choosing the right grade of Fire Retardant Aluminium Composite Materials soas to mitigate the risk caused by fire.Fibre Glass Fire Retardant PanelsFireRetardant fiberglass wall panels can be used in food processing areas,restrooms, shower and tub walls, animal enclosures, surgical rooms, andworkshops, as well as many other applications where health and sanitation areconcerns. These wall panels will not rust, peel, dent, rot, splinter, corrode,mold, mildew, or stain.

Poly Metal Sign PanelsAluminiumpanels may also comprise of a Poly Metal sign panels. They are made of arecycled thermoplastic core that is cladded between two sheets of finished aluminum.The recycled thermoplastic core is very effective is absorbing moisture andkeeping the walls from continuous maintenance. Another selling feature of Poly Metalpanels is that they can be digitally printed and hence the aesthetics can bevery well taken care of.

The best and the most satisfying thing about thesepanels is that they are a “Green” method of making fire retardant panels sincerecycled thermoplastic is used.ValuMetal Sign PanelsValuMetalsign panels are comprised of a recycled thermoplastic core sandwiched betweentwo sheets of aluminum. They are very lightweight, durable and resist moisture.These panels offer a flat, smooth surface that accepts most digital inks,paints and vinyl graphics.


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