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Although the lastdecade has seen upturns and downturns in terms of street related crime inPakistan the overall trend (over a course) has been upward despite theever-expanding network of police surveillance. In Karachi, thieves wander partsof DHA and CBC on motorcycles strategically targeting citizens and deprivingthem of their valuables on almost a daily basis. Over a dozen such incidentshave been reported in the past month leading to residents questioning theeffectiveness of the security forces’ multiple operations and crackdowns. Apartfrom mugging, counts of extortion, murder and theft have also been rising. InKarachi alone, the total count of various crimes according to The Citizen’sPolice Liaison Committee (CPLC) is as follows:·       21700Motorcycles stolen while 1853 snatched·       15599Mobile phones stolen while 11620 snatched·       58registered complaints of extortion·       347incidents of people getting killed·       1294people losing their cars (theft or at gunpoint)Sindh ChiefMinister Murad Ali Shah has been instrumental in ordering these crackdowns andconstituting a committee under Law Minister with AG Sindh and Home Secretary tocall on Chief Justice Sindh High Court to dedicate certain courts forspeedy trial of street criminals.The Safe CitiesIndex 2017 is a report from The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) sponsored byNEC. The report is based on the second iteration of the index, which ranks 60cities across 49 indicators covering digital security, health security,infrastructure security and personal security. Karachi, Pakistan’s economicheartland, has finally been included in the list of safe cities.

 While it rankedlast and could be called as “Least Safe City” among the 60 other mega cities ofdifferent countries, it was never included in the list in the past. EIU earlierdeclared Karachi among the worst city to live in the world and securityremained as one of the key concerns. It was also ranked as the second worstcity to drive a vehicle in the world recently by a German Group.This report givesan insight into the crime rate of Karachi as a perfect model (or ratherimperfect) model to engage a discussion about the overall divide in citizensand felons in Pakistan and the reasons that lead to such acts. This reportbases its findings on pre-existing surveys as well as one of our own that weconducted and showcases four general factors for crimes in Pakistan:

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